How to Throw the Ultimate Princess Birthday Party


Every little girl dreams of being a princess, and why wouldn't they? The tiaras, the sparkle and the handsome prince charming are part of a timeless fantasy, that even us grown-ups can get swept away by.

If your daughter has a birthday coming up, there are few party themes likely to go down so well with her and her friends. Like the rest of us, she may not have been born into royalty, but you can make her a princess for the day. Here are our tips for creating an event that will be full of fond memories.


The first step in any party planning is the invitations. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together getting creative, and the limits can stretch as far as your imaginations.

An easy option is to use blank cards. Simply print out pictures of your daughter's favourite princesses to stick on the cover, decorate with some pretty stickers and write your message with coloured pens. Put fairy dust (otherwise known as glitter) in the envelope, to add the finishing touch to your princess worthy invitations.

Some useful items for jazzing up your invitations include:

- These glittery butterfly stickers

- These colourful mini gel pens

Getting into Character

No matter how old she is, every girl likes to put on her finest. Most women have a secret drawer somewhere jam-packed with jewellery they never wear. You know the items I mean- the statement necklace that doesn't go with anything, and the colourful feather earrings that seemed like a great idea at the time.

However, your discarded wears are a goldmine to your wannabe princesses. As long as you don't mind them getting damaged, hide them around the house, and allow the party goers to search for the 'crown jewels' and try them on. Not only will this be great fun, but it will make them feel grown up and special.

There are a number of budget items that you can buy to help the girls get into character. Purchase every child a piece of jewellery such as:

- These pretty translucent bracelets

-This royal looking pearl and charm necklace

-The essential tiara

A dash of subtle make-up should be a hit, without offending any parents. Ideal options are:

- Delicious vanilla lip balm

- Glamorous shimmer powder

Games and Activities

Little princesses need entertaining, and there are plenty of options for keeping them occupied. Try playing 'stick the jewel on the crown', a twist on the classic 'pin the tail on the donkey'. The aim of the game is to stick your jewel on the crown whilst blind folded.

- This ready-made game means that you can get straight to the fun

Another great twist on a classic is princess pass the parcel. This is pretty much the same as the normal game, except that you swap all of the hidden gifts for princess themed goodies!

-This ready wrapped pass the parcel takes the hassle out of preparation, and contains goodies such as butterfly hair grips and glitter fairy tattoos

Finally, no princess's birthday would be complete without a ball. You can find playlists online to suit the theme, and award the best 'twirlers' with sweets.

Party Bags

Finally, party bags are an essential that will remind your guests of the day. Princess themed bags are a stylish way to send them home with some treasures. Some good choices are:

- This fairy princess loot bag which you can fill with your own selection of gifts

- This filled princess bubbles party bag for a hassle free option

Ideal fillers include:

- These opulent jewel rings

-Entertaining themed bif-bats

-This princess sticker activity book

- You can't go far wrong with sweets!

Adding a personal memento is a nice way to end the day. If you have access to a digital camera, take a picture of all the children together in their fancy dress. Printing them before the end of the day and adding them to the party bags is a lovely way to provide a lasting reminder. Don't forget to write your 'royal' thank you notes and have them signed by the 'princess'.

Your daughter's birthday is her chance to be a princess for the day- so what better theme for the party! By following these tips you can make sure she has a day that she'll always remember.

For more ideas browse our range of princess themed goodies.

Do you have any princess theme ideas? Let us know by sharing in the comments.

Image by Andrei!

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