Making Your Tween Child’s Birthday Memorable

Organising parties can be an exciting time, however if you’re struggling to come up with ideas, it can quickly feel overwhelming. Fortunately, All About Party Bags has lots of fun suggestions for party ideas, party themes, and party supplies including filled party bags.

Making Your Tween Child’s Birthday Memorable

The tween years can be tricky, they’ve outgrown children’s parties but they’re not quite a teenager yet, so many parents are quite confused with regards to what to do for their birthday party.  After all, there’s a reason why parenting blogs and parent forums are full of articles of parents asking questions such as “is this normal teen behaviour”.

  1. Choose An Activity
    If your child spends a lot of time with their friends playing or talking about sports; consider organising a sports party for their birthday. By booking an activity hall for the day, your child can enjoy a game of football, netball, dodge ball, or a game of their choice. Also, thanks to the activity hall being indoors, you won’t have to worry about typical British weather ruining the party.

    However, if you child spends most of their time playing video games, a more activity based party might still be a good idea. For example, if your child enjoys shoot ‘em up, battle royale, or fps style games a paintballing birthday party might be the ideal choice for them. Depending on the venue they could play missions such as capture the flag, protect the VIP, and much more. Being a physical activity, it’s a great opportunity for your tween child to ‘let off some steam’.

    It’s also a great activity for tween aged children because whilst many venues are specifically for older teenagers and adults, there are also lots of venues which allow younger players (for example 11+) and some venues even have children only events.

  2. Don’t Forget About The Food
    Birthday parties don’t have to be elaborate to be memorable, sometimes a simple get-together with friends and family, alongside a delicious selection of food is all we need to have a great time. If you’re going for something simple and causal like this, the choice of food is essential to the party. So make sure you serve lots of your child’s favourite dishes and snacks, and of course their favourite style of cake.

    However, with regards to serving food at a party, it is essential that you check if any party guests have any food allergies or intolerances before you organise the party food, that way you can avoid ingredients that guests may be allergic or intolerant to.
  3. Get Your Child Involved
    Whilst surprise parties are lots of fun, if you’re unsure what to organise for your child, it’s not an option; after all you wouldn’t want to organise something they don’t like.
    There’s no such thing as “what teenagers like” Teenage children have a diverse range of hobbies, tend to spend more time with their friends than family, and their sense of identity is largely based on who they hang out with, so as a parent it can sometimes be difficult to plan the ideal birthday party for your child. Instead of spending days being confused trying to figure out what to organise, get your child involved in the party planning process, that way they can customise and personalise the party to be exactly as they want it.

    For example, perhaps there is a movie coming out soon that your child would like to see. Something as simple as a trip to the cinema with their friends could be a very memorable party for your child. Many cinemas also offer special perks for people celebrating their birthdays with a trip to the cinema. For example, at Odeon cinemas you can book a private party which includes tickets to a private screening of a current of classic film

Save Time When Organising Your Child’s Birthday Party With Help From All About Party Bags

Organising your child’s birthday party can be lots of fun, however we understand that sometimes it can be very stressful, especially if you have multiple children to consider and you have a lot of your plate.

So if you’re looking for a way to save some time, browse through our selection of readymade party bags. We have lots of different readymade party bags to choose from, including a wide range of different party themes. For example, you can choose from more than 500 pre-filled party bags, so instead of spending hours creating them yourself, in a few clicks you can have them delivered to you, allowing you to spend more time with your children in the days before their special day. However, if you would prefer to make your own party bags, you can make your own using some of the party bag fillers from our online store, of which there are over 1100.  

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If you need some suggestions and help organising your child’s birthday party, we recommend visiting our blog, it’s filled with lots of fantastic suggestions, advice, and tips to help you make your child’s party extra special. For example, you could read our list of suggestions For Personalising Your Child’s Birthday Party.

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