Organise A Magical Themed Birthday Party With Unicorns!

Lots of children love unicorns; they’re a magical creature that has been featured in lots of children’s literature. So if you’re interested in a magical themed birthday party for your child, browse through our selection of unicorn party bags and fillers.

Organise A Magical Themed Birthday Party

There are lots of wonderful ways that you can organise a magical themed party. With decorations, fun party games, and delicious party food, the ways to personalise the party are numerous indeed.

So, to give you some party inspiration, here’s a list of 5 suggestions to give you a helping hand.

 1. Set Your Budget. 

It might not be as fun as browsing Pinterest boards looking at various different party decorations or birthday cakes, however it is still very important that you think very carefully about the budget for the birthday party. It might be helpful to set individual budgets for different areas of the party. For example, have a set amount for food and drink, a set amount for venue hire, a set amount for decorations, and other areas of the party. Additionally, it might also be a good idea to save a bit of room in the budget for emergencies. 

piggy bank and coins

2. Choose Delicious Party Food

Finding or making party food can be tricky for some; however don’t worry because there are lots of recipes and tutorials available online to help you create some almost magical party food for your child’s birthday party. For example, you could choose to make some Unicorn Mini Cheesecakes using the recipe from A baJillian Recipes, or alternatively you could make a Rainbow Unicorn Dip using the recipe and instructions provided by Chocolate Covered Katie. However, if you’re looking to save time, you could find some multicoloured sprinkles and add them to some fairy cakes, or perhaps find a suitable unicorn or magical themed birthday cake at a local supermarket/food store. 

party cakes

3. Organise Some Fun Party Games. 

There are lots of fun party games that you would play at a magical or unicorn themed party. For example, you could do some arts and craft activities such as colouring in pictures of unicorns, making your own magical wands, or an activity from our Art Craft & Activity Kits section. Alternatively, you could also organise a game of pass the parcel with one of our readymade pass the parcels such as the Unicorn Wrapped Pass the Parcel. Or you could browse through our games and accessories section and purchase a game such as the Stick the Horn on a Unicorn Game. 

4. Don’t Forget About Party Bags And Fillers. 

At All About Party Bags, we have a vast and varied selection of party bags and fillers to choose from. So, regardless of if you want to purchase readymade party bags, or if you want to make your own goodie bags, you can find lots of fun unicorn themed readymade party bags and unicorn themed party bag fillers on our online store. For example, if you would like to purchase a readymade party bag, you could choose a Unicorn Over the Rainbow Party Bag. However, if you wanted to make your own, you could purchase a Magical Unicorn Loot Bag and fill it with lots of unicorn party bag fillers such as a Unicorn Sticker Sheet or a Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle. 

unicorn jigsaw

5. Get A Piñata. 

If you’re thinking of a great way to end the birthday party, how about a piñata? If you would like to purchase a readymade piñata, we have a wonderful sun emoji piñata available on our online store; alternatively you could choose to make your own. However, if after you either purchase or make the piñata, you’ll need something to fill it with. In addition to our selection of party bag fillers, we also sell a pack of 72 piñata fillers; an assortment of cheap and cheerful prizes, making them ideal for the end of the party.

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