Pass The Parcel And Party Ideas For Your Child's Party This Spring!

Are you planning a birthday party for your child this spring? Why don't you organise a fantastic game of pass the parcel?

5 Pass The Parcel Tips!

If you need some help planning this fantastic game at your child's party, here are five tips to give you a helping hand!

  • Create A Playlist Of Your Child's Favourite Music! What game of pass the parcel is complete without some fantastic songs? Create a playlist of your child's favourite songs to keep everyone having fun with the game singing along as the parcel moves around the group!
  • Choose A Pass The Parcel That Matches The Theme Of The Party If your child is having a super hero themed birthday party, then you should search for a superhero themed pass the parcel. You could choose this super hero ready wrapped pass the parcel or perhaps create your own pass the parcel using the numerous super hero party bag fillers found on our website.
  • Choose A Readymade Pass The Parcel Whilst the idea of making your own pass the parcel might seem beneficial; you'll be able to choose the gifts that go in the parcel. It can often be a time consuming task. You have other aspects of the party to be planning and organising such as the venue hire and the catering; save time and choose a readymade pass the parcel.
  • Decide How Many Layers The Parcel Should Have! Think about how many guests will be at the party. If your child has a large number of guests at their party, consider purchasing multiple parcels instead of adding more layers to the parcel. This way children won't have to sit and watch lots of layers be unwrapped, this, however, does require more adults to supervise the games.
  • Think About What Time To Play Pass The Parcel A child's birthday party should be a carefully organised event. This includes the decision of when to start your game of pass the parcel.For example, you could decide to have the game just after food, this way children won't be running around just after eating. Or you could decide to have the game at the end so children go home with the toy they won during pass the parcel.

5 Party Theme Ideas For A Party This Spring!

If you're unsure what theme you should choose for your child's party, here are some ideas!

  • Disney Theme! If you're searching for a theme for your child, how about a Disney theme? With the launch of the new Disney movie, Beauty And The Beast this is a fantastic idea! If you're searching for party ideas for a Beauty And The Beast themed party, Kara's Party Ideas has a fantastic article to give you a helping hand.

  • Super Heroes! If you're planning a super hero party you might feel like you are spoiled for choice. Does your child have a favourite super hero? If not maybe you could choose to base the theme of the party off one of the more popular super hero universes, perhaps DC or Marvel?

There are so many comic book characters to choose from and many of the characters have numerous child friendly stories; however it is important to remember that there are some characters and storylines that contain adult content and adult themes. If your child doesn't have a favourite character and you're not familiar with the world of comic books, it might be worthwhile doing some online research on the Marvel or the DC Wiki and find some child friendly characters.

  • A Magical Party! Magic is a fantastic theme for your child's party, especially if you are hiring a magical entertainer for the party. They can enjoy numerous different magical experiences in the party design and then enjoy a wonderful magic show from a skilled entertainer.

We have numerous different pre-filled party bags with lots of magic themed treats inside and we also have numerous magical themed party bag fillers for those who would like to create their own party bags

  • A Football Theme? Is your child sporty? A football themed party could be a fantastic choice this spring! Take the children outside to enjoy the outdoors with a game of football whilst you enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee; watching the children play outside.

We have numerous different football-themed items on our online store for you to use in your party, so browse our fantastic collection of party items and see what fantastic football themed items you could include in your child's party!

  • ROAR! Dinosaurs! If your child likes dinosaurs what better way to celebrate their birthday than with a dinosaur themed birthday party? We have a great selection of dinosaur themed party bags and party bag fillers so browse our website and start planning your child's party!

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