Summer Party Advice – Party Bag Fillers and More

If your little one is celebrating a birthday this spring or summer, why not consider throwing them an outdoor party? With wide-open space to use, you can let you (and your child’s!) party imagination run wild, with themes, activities, foods and party bag fillers to think about. Not only that but getting the kids outside and into nature will add to the fun they experience during the day (and if you’re lucky enough to have a big garden, you won’t have to be paying extra for venue hire too!)

Being a leading provider of party bags, we know a thing or two about hosting a great birthday party – our service having developed from our experiences of being successful children’s party organisers. So read on for our expert summer party advice.

Themes, Invitations, Balloons & Party Bag Fillers – Advice For Your Kids’ Birthday Party

  • A Theme. A really useful tool when it comes to designing a kid’s party – having a theme means you can be more adventurous with your decorations, entertainment, party accessories and the little things, such as the party bag fillers. If you have plenty of space at your intended location, you’ll also be able to create additional activities such as treasure hunts, mini Olympics’ or dance areas. Anything that helps the kids to be active and enjoy themselves (and tire themselves out in time for them to be picked up by their grateful parents!)

  • Invitations. As the first ‘hint’ of what the party will contain for your guests, the invitations should suit the theme of your party. Decorate them with images or fonts attaining to your theme, maybe include a little memento as a clue. Perhaps get your child involved too – as it’s their party, they may enjoy it more if they feel involved in the organisational process. Plus they’ll doubtless have some ideas of what to include too!

  • Be Creative. The great thing that the outdoors bring, is inspiration to young, creative minds. With wide-open spaces and nature all around, it’s no surprise that many people feel creative whilst sat in the outdoors. Arts and crafts, such as painting, drawing and model-making are great fun to host as part of a themed party – and you won’t have to worry about the mess making permanent marks on furniture too!

  • Balloons. The natural setting of a garden does not need much decoration to signify it as a ‘garden party’ – but it’s always a good idea to place in that extra party touch. For this, balloons are an obvious must – it is how you lay them out that matters. From creating clusters of them to arches, confetti balloons and giant spheres – they are great to use to set the party atmosphere in any garden. Also, make use of furniture to tie them to and as a finishing touch, why not include some in/or tied to a party bag for attendees to take home?

  • Party Bags and Party Bag Fillers. Great to relate to any theme you’re using, the gifting of party bag fillers inside loot bags has been used by party hosts as a ‘thanks for coming’ for thousands of years. Party favours can either be handed out during the event (to keep kids occupied during lull moments) or at the end. They ultimately allow attendees something to remember the day by and the fun they had at the party. We’re sure you’ll agree, any party that is memorable is a great party!

  • The Party Host. For parties that comprise of a large number, it’s always handy to have one or two dedicated entertainers on hand to keep all the children engaged throughout the day. If you have your particular theme centred around fancy dress, they can even come in their own costumes and get the children involved, enjoying the theme. The parents can then get some much-needed relaxing done for a few hours!

  • Plan For Rain. Yep, no British summer is complete without the odd random shower. Just in case of this happening during your party, make provisions for it – like clearing space indoors (if you’re hosting it at home) or erect a tent/covering for people to get under when the rain starts.

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