VROOOOM! Let's Plan A Cars Themed Party!

The latest Cars movie will be released soon so why not throw a Cars themed birthday party for your son this year? To give you a helping hand, here is a list of suggestions ranging from cake inspiration ideas to filled party bags!

Choosing The Right Cake

Should you commission a professional birthday cake for the party, should you make your own Cars themed birthday cake or should you opt for smaller cupcakes? This all depends on your son; however, choosing to have cupcakes for your son and his guests can be a fantastic alternative to the birthday cake. With cupcakes, you don't have to worry about cutting the cake into slices and instead, you can just hand them out.

However, if you would like to create a big cake for your son on his birthday. You can find a large selection of tutorials online, such as this tutorial from Zoes Fancy Cakes which teaches you how to make a Fondant Lightning McQueen; how exciting!

Filled Party Bags

Making party bags can often be a stressful part of organising a party for your child. Finding toys, placing them into party bags and making sure that everything inside each bag is suitable for all of the guests can be a very stressful for some.

If you think you would benefit from some readymade party bags, visit our online store! With filled party bags from All About Party Bags, you can browse a great selection of filled party bags containing cars, trains, trucks and planes. We have many different pre filled party bags to choose from such as this Build Your Own Racing Cars Party Bag!


You might feel the need to purchase official decorations but you could also get creative and create some for yourself!

In Cars the main character Lightning McQueen is a red racing car, so using lots of basic red decorations is a fantastic starting point. You can also use lots of racing flags to keep the theme going throughout the party!

Get Creative

If you are having the party at your home, it would be helpful to have a guide to show your guests where the toilet is and you can do this without breaking the Cars theme! You could have "pit stop" signs pointing to your bathroom so guests can find their own way.

Think Of Some Party Games

If you're having a Cars themed birthday party, you'll need some great party games. Here are a few ideas!

  • A Race A simple race, with a start line and finish line you can create a fun party activity. The guests can race as fast as they can to the finish with the winner getting a small prize. Perhaps this Winner's Medal?

If you want to go the extra mile, you can use lawn paint to transform your garden into a race track for the children to race on!

If you don't want to give prizes to winners, you could also include a pinata at the end of the race, and children can take it in turns to hit the pinata, with the child who finishes the race first winning the first swing at the pinata!

  • Red Light, Greed Light. This is a popular party game, and it fits the Cars theme fantastically. If you are unfamiliar with this game, this is how it is played. The guests line up together a short distance away from the supervising grownup. The grownup then says "green light" and the guests try to run as fast as they can towards the grownup, who then says "red light". At this point the guests have to stop running and stand still; the person who is slowest to stop is out.The grownup continues to call "green light" and "red light" until one player is left, who is the winner.
  • Pass The Parcel. Who doesn't love a great game of pass the parcel? We have a fantastic selection ready-made pass the parcel activities for you to choose from. You can choose how many layers you want your pass the parcel to have, however if you have a large guest list, you may want to have multiple pass the parcels instead of one larger parcel.
  • A Wide Selection Of Outdoor Games. It's spring time, which means it's a fantastic time to get outside and play! Your party games don't all have to be Cars themed but if you'd like to, it's easy to add a fun Cars twist to some outdoor games. For example, you could play a game of rounders and have two teams; each named after a character in the Cars movies.

If you would like some ideas for games you could play outdoors with your child, you can visit our blog and read more!

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