World Book Day Parties, Three Things To Consider

World Book Day will soon be here. On Thursday the 1st of March, children all over the United Kingdom will be celebrating with fancy dress and attending World Book Day parties. So, if you’re organising a party for this fantastic celebration of literature, you’ll need a wonderful selection of party supplies including decorations and party bag fillers.

What Is World Book Day?

The celebration of literature and reading, World Book Day is celebrated in over 100 countries all over the world; this means that it’s the biggest celebration of its kind! Indeed, as authors originate from a variety of different backgrounds and ethnicities, books are fantastic learning materials which can teach people lots of different things and give them an insight into a different culture.

World Book Day is very important. It inspires children to gather together and appreciate the joy of reading. The aim of the celebrations is to inspire children to explore the wonders that reading can bring. Also as discussed above, literature can be a very important tool for education as it can help to teach people about other cultures and backgrounds through the literature that authors create.

So, if you are organising a World Book Day party for the 1st of March, here are a few suggestions to give you a helping hand!

World Book Day Parties, Three Things To Consider

  • Fancy Dress Costumes
One of the fantastic things about World Book Day parties are the fantastic fancy dress costumes that people choose to wear. It’s a great way for children to introduce others to stories that they like to read and that mean a lot to them. However, it is also a fantastic opportunity for you as an adult to inspire children to read some of your favourite books.

So after organising your child/children’s fancy dress costume(s), if you are unsure what to dress up as yourself, think about novels which are popular with both children and adults such as the Harry Potter books. Alternatively, perhaps you could find some costume inspiration in some children’s books that you enjoyed when you were a child. 

  • Consider A Party Theme
If you want to create a themed party for World Book Day, perhaps you could opt for a themed such as a Fairytale party.

There are lots of wonderful literature choices for a fairytale themed party. For example, the Cinderella fairytale was originally published in the 17th century. Also, with a fairytale themed party, there are lots of fun party activities that you could choose to include in the party. For example, as is it a World Book Day, you could read one of your child’s favourite fairytales; perhaps Cinderella, or maybe Sleeping Beauty.

  • Don’t Forget About Party Bags!
If you’re busy organising numerous different aspects of the party and you’re concerned about not having enough time to make your own party bags, do not worry. You can browse through a fantastic selection of readymade party bags on the All About Party Bags online store.

If you’re interested in readymade party bags, you could choose from a wide variety of different filled bags such as a Nursery Rhyme & Fairytale Party Bag, or a Fairytale Tote Bag Party Bag. 

However, if you want to make your own party bags to give to guests at the end of the World Book Day Party. You could use party bag fillers to create your own party bags! Perhaps you could include gifts such as a Library of Fairytale Board Books, Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonders: Inventions, What They Don't Tell You About Anglo Saxons, or perhaps something else from our selection of book party bag fillers.

Additionally, if you’re organising a themed World Book Day party, you can browse through our selection of empty bags and choose a themed bag that matches the theme of your party. For example, if you’re organising a Fairytale themed party, perhaps you will be interested in Fairytale Princess Loot Bags?

Need Some Party Advice Or Inspiration? All About Party Bags Can Help!

If you’re in need of some inspiration with regards to organising parties and deciding on a party theme, do not worry. You can find lots of party inspiration by visiting the All About Party Bags Pinterest page. There you will find lots of fantastic boards about different party themes including princess parties, knight parties, nursery rhyme parties, and more!

However, if you need some advice with regards to organising a party, perhaps you will be interested in visiting the All About Party Bags blog and reading our 10 step guide to throwing a great party. Alternatively, if you’re feeling stressed whilst party planning, maybe you would like to read our list of “9 Tips To Minimise Stress When Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party”.

You can find a wide variety of tips and suggestions on our blog. So, if you’re searching for advice with regards to organising a themed party for your child, or if you’re looking for a suggestion for themed party games, visit the All About Party Bags blog today.

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