Countdown To Christmas - 5 Things To Do

Christmas is swiftly approaching and to-do-lists are getting longer and longer.  With party planning, party bags, decorating, food, presents, activities, games, and more, it can sometimes feel like you have a million and one things to do.

However, whilst it’s important to prepare your home for the holiday season, it’s also important to remember that Christmas is a time for family. So, here’s a quick this of 5 things you can do with family and friends during the countdown to Christmas.

Countdown To Christmas - 5 Things To Do

  1. Decorate Your Home
    Lots of people decorate their homes to celebrate the holiday season, and there is a wide range of decorations to choose from. You could opt for a more traditional Christmas with a nativity scene, or perhaps you could transform your home into a Santa’s grotto with lots of Santa themed decorations?

    However, if you’re looking for something different this year, perhaps you could look to other cultures around the world and how they celebrate Christmas. This would be a great way to do something different whilst learning about other cultures at the same time. If you have young children, this would be a fantastic learning opportunity for them. For example, did you know that in Japan, people celebrate Christmas by eating KFC, and in the Philippines they use a Christmas lantern in the shape of a star to represent the star of Bethlehem?

  2. Look To Your Local Community
    Whilst there are lots of fantastic products that you can purchase on online stores such as Amazon, be careful not to miss the many great products available in your local community.

    For example, you could visit your local Christmas markets and choose some handmade gifts for your family and friends. With lots of market stalls to browse, it could be a fantastic day out for the whole family, eating tasty food for lunch, browsing through the wares of numerous different businesses. You might even find some tasty food from an independent producer that you would like to add to your Christmas dinner.

  3. Make Some Tasty Christmas Themed Treats
    The build-up to Christmas is a fantastic time to make some delicious Christmas themed treats for your family. The internet is a wonderful resource for finding new recipes, for example you could try out a tasty recipe for some homemade mince pies, or perhaps some Christmas themed cookies.

    BBC Good Food has a great recipe for Snowman cookies which could be great way to get the little ones involved in baking. The biscuits are even freezable, so you could make them in advance and bring them out for a special event, such as a pre-Christmas family gathering.

  4. Organise A Christmas Party
    Whilst the special day itself is often reserved for family, the weeks before Christmas can be a great time for your to organise a party for your children and their friends. However, the party doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You could stick to the classics with fancy dress such as a budget Santa or Miss Santa costume, and with regards to food at the party, you could reduce costs by asking each family attending to contribute a dish, so you can all sit down ‘family style’ and share food together.

    You could also save time when organising the party by purchasing readymade party bags, that way you can spend more time with your family; perhaps teaching your children to bake by making those tasty Snowman cookies from BBC Good Food?

  5. Some Fun Christmas Games To Play
    Christmas parties aren’t the only time for Christmas party games, also as Christmas is often an expensive time for many families, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go the extra mile and spend lots of money to plan some great games.

    You could transform normal/ordinary party games into Christmas themed games with just a simple Christmas twist. For example, you could create a Christmas version of an ‘egg and spoon race’, however instead of using an egg; you could balance a Christmas bauble on the spoon.

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