Getting it Right: The Perfect Christmas Stocking Fillers for Toddlers, Teens, Boys and Girls

Christmas Stocking Fillers

As we head well into December (how is it here already!?), most of our minds are beginning to turn to our Christmas shopping. After all, no one wants to leave it until the last minute, and suddenly face a mad rush to get everything done.

One of the most essential festive purchases is, of course, the stocking fillers. However, if you have a number of children to buy for, it can be tricky to know what to put in each one.

To give you a helping hand, here are some ideas for boys and girls of different ages, as well as some ready-made options for a hassle-free solution.



Finding stocking fillers for toddlers can be tricky, as you have to be extra careful that your gifts are suitable. Here are some great suggestions:

- These Bath Time Tug Boats come in assorted colours - just let us know if you're buying for boys and we'll avoid pink! (Suitable from birth)

- This rattle is the perfect treat for a very young child, and allows little boys to do their favourite thing - make noise! (Suitable from birth)

- These adorable Animal Friends are the perfect playmate for a small child. They come in assorted animals, selected evenly when multiples are ordered. (Suitable for 12 months and upwards)

- This Peter Bear Teether Rattler has soft arms and legs, which are ideal for munching on during the teething stage. (Suitable from birth)

Ready-Made Stockings

This Baby Boy's Christmas Stocking contains an adorable selection of items, including the rattle, Peter Bear teether rattler, lion wash mitt hand puppet, Timothy tiger bib and three rubber ducks.

3 - 6

As little boys head into their third year, there are plenty of stocking fillers to choose from. Why not try:

- These Mini Cars are the ideal gift for little boys and come in assorted colours.

- These Teeny Tiny Bouncy Balls are guaranteed to go down well. Just let us know you're buying for boys and we'll make sure the colours are suitable.

- These Funky Farm Animal Stickers will be a great addition to their first pencil case and colouring book.

Ready-Made Stockings

This Dinosaur Christmas Stocking is a ready-made solution and contains a Dinosaur After Dark story book, dinosaur sticker activity book, colouring pencils, jigsaw and more.


Slightly older boys love tricks and games. Here are some of our favourite suggestions:

- These Mini Water Guns are the perfect gift for a prankster.

- Remember Water Bombs? They're still as fun as ever!

- The delightful noises made by this Putty in a Toilet will have them in stiches.

- This Flying Saucer Watch comes with two flying discs.

Ready-Made Stockings

They'll love this Naughty Boys Christmas Stocking, which contains a whoopee cushion, funs snaps, disguise kit and more.

Tweens and Teenagers

It can be difficult to get party bags right for tweens and teens. However, the following suggestions are sure to be a winner.

- All kids love sweets, no matter what age they are. These two tubes of fruit fizzers and lolly pop are a great selection.

- These Miniature Football Playing Cards are the ideal distraction on a rainy lunch break.

- All teens need an eraser in their pencil case, and this Robot Eraser is much cooler than the usual rubbers!

Ready-Made Stockings

Tween and teen boys will love doing tricks with this Magicians Christmas Stocking. Goodies include two different magic sets, a Chinese finger trap and a magic magnetic picture.



As with boys, finding stocking fillers for toddler girls can be tricky. Here are some great suggestions:

- These Rubber Daisy Ducks are an extra cute addition to a baby's bath. (Suitable from 12 months)

- This Yum Yum Buggy Book has a pink, stretchy strap to attach it to a high chair or buggy.

- These Winnie the Pooh Rattles are adorable - just let us know if you're shopping for girls and we'll send you appropriate colours. (Suitable from four months)

Ready-Made Stockings

This Girl Toddler's Christmas Stocking is the perfect ready-made solution, and contains a World of Happy mini board book library, a wash mitt hand puppet, bath time tug boats and more.


When you're little girl turns three, there are plenty of stocking fillers to choose from. Why not try:

- These Rabbit Erasers are the perfect addition to a first pencil case, and they also double up as great toys.

- These Metallic Butterfly Mini-Stickers are super pretty, and will look great stuck on pencil cases and notepads.

- This Princess Notepad is perfect for drawing in.

Ready-Made Stockings

Little girls are guaranteed to love this Fairy Christmas Stocking. It's packed with goodies, including a sticker activity book, hair elastics, a wand and more.


Treat older little girls to a selection of goodies, including:

- These Single Fairy Tattoos - don't worry they do wash off!

- These Mini Heart Erasers are perfect for school pencil cases.

- This Daisy Puzzle Ring is pretty and fun.

Ready-Made Stockings

This Princess Christmas Stocking will take the hassle out of your stocking preparation. It's filled with things little girls will love, including a princess sticker activity book, strawberry purse and butterfly mask.

Tweens and Teenagers

From jewellery to pamper products, we have lots of stocking fillers perfect for tween and teen girls. Why not try:

- These Mini Bath Pearls come in a pretty assortment of colours.

- This Cheeky Chimp Mint Fragranced Emery Board is a great pampering product.

- These I Love€¦Glossy Lip Balm Pots come in vanilla & ice cream or lemons & limes.

- How pretty are these Cord Flower Bracelets?

Ready-Made Stockings

Your tween or teen will love this Teenage Girls Filled Christmas Stocking. The gorgeous fillers include a nail polish set, gem-studded French manicure nails, Miners Goo-ooh raspberry lip gloss and a Body Collection bath bomb.

Getting your stockings right is easy with the right fillers - following this guide guarantees lots of smiling faces on Christmas morning!

Head to our party bag fillers page for more goodies, or to our Christmas party bags and stockings page for more ready-made solutions.

Image by Randy Pertiet

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