In A Rush? 5 Tips To Organise An Awesome Christmas Party

We’re in the middle of November, which means there’s just over a month until Christmas; so there’s not much time left to plan a Christmas party. So here’s a quick list of 5 tips to help your get an awesome Christmas party organised your for little one and their friends, complete with fun party games, tasty party food, and super cool Christmas party bags.

Awesome Xmas Party In A Rush

Christmas is swiftly approaching and to-do-lists are getting longer and longer. At this time of year, it can feel like there are a million and one things to do. However, with these 5 tips, you can quickly tick planning a children’s Christmas party off your to do list.

  1. Don’t Worry About Fancy Dress
    Christmas fancy dress can be a tricky obstacle to navigate for parties, especially when you don’t have much time left to organise the party. So if you’re struggling for fancy dress ideas, it’s a good idea to stick to the Christmas fancy dress classics. For example, you could opt for a budget Santa or Miss Santa costume, dress up as a Christmas elf, or choose a costume from the Nativity for a more traditional Christmas Costume.

  2. Keep Party Food Simple
    Christmas party food doesn’t have to be difficult, some simple party foods such as mini sausage rolls, carrot sticks and healthy dips, and homemade cookies can be great choices for a Christmas themed children’s party. In fact, BBC Good Food has a great recipe for Snowman cookies which could be great way to get the little ones involved in baking.

    However, if you’re really struggling for Christmas party food, you could look to other cultures for inspiration. For example, did you know that in Japan, people celebrate Christmas by eating KFC?

    That being said, before you buy any food for the party, make sure that you get a list of any allergies or intolerances that any of the children at the party may have. After all, you wouldn’t want to make some tasty peanut butter cookies only to learn that some of the guests have a peanut allergy; or make tasty turkey sandwiches for everyone, only to learn that some guests have Coeliac disease.

  3. Add Pass The Parcel To Your List Of Games
    When deciding on a list of games to play at a children’s Christmas party, keep the list simple; remember, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Party games can be as simple as Christmas twists on classic party games, such as a twist on the ‘egg and spoon race’ and instead of an egg on a spoon, you could put a Christmas bauble on the spoon.

    However, if you’re really concerned about organising the party in time, we have a quick and simple solution for party games. Get some fun Christmas themed music on a music player and order a few of our readymade pass the parcels. After all, is a children’s party really a party without a game of pass the parcel?

  4. Decorate With Christmas Classics
    You don’t need to go the extra mile and reinvent the wheel in order to have awesome Christmas party decorations. You can create an amazing party venue at home or in a rented space by choosing a simple and well known party theme, such as a more traditional Christmas with a nativity scene, or on the other hand for a more contemporary style, you could transform your home or the party space into a giant Santa’s Grotto with lots of Santa themed decorations.

  5. Choose Readymade Christmas Party Bags
    Our online store also has over 500 pre-filled readymade party bags to choose from, which are the ideal choice for parents who are short on time, and would like to spend more time with their children, and or planning other areas of the Christmas party. If you’re concerned about not having enough time to make your own party bags for the children’s Christmas party, don’t worry because our online store has a vast selection of readymade Christmas party bags, including bags for children of various different ages and different genders.

    If you’re looking for something to take the Christmas party bags to the next level, you could choose to upgrade from readymade party bags to readymade Christmas stockings, which is like a party bag but instead of a bag it’s a fun Christmas stocking filled with fantastic treats and goodies.

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You can also find inspiration for your next party by visiting our Pinterest page. It’s full of boards to help you find inspiration including children’s party ideas, ideas for party bags, and a numerous different party themes.

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