Four Christmas Party Themes the Kids Will Love

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to start planning your festive celebrations. Throwing a party for your children and their friends is a great way to celebrate the season and get everyone into the spirit of things.

However, picking an imaginative theme can be a little tricky. Not to worry - here are four of our favourites, as well as tips on fancy dress, games and party bag fillers.

Snow Princess Children's Christmas Party

Snow Princesses

This is a perfect theme for little girls, particularly with the popularity of the film, Frozen.

Fancy Dress

Ask all of the little girls to dress up as princesses, in icy colours such as blue, white and silver. Some great DIY ideas are this snow queen crown and this snow fairy/princess face paint.


Turn your party venue into a winter wonderland, where your snow princesses will feel right at home. Here are some great ideas:

- String paper snowflakes around the room (you can find a great tutorial here)

- Decorate paper cones with glitter and shredded snow

- Coat branches in silver glitter

- Make snowmen out of paper globe lampshades

Party Bag Fillers

Thrill your little snow princesses with:

- These Princess Wands

- This Self-Assembly Princess Tiara

- This Large Princess Sticker Sheet

Grinch Children's Christmas Party

The Grinch

This popular children's film about a strange green creature, the Grinch, who tries to steal Christmas, is a great party theme for older children.

Fancy Dress

The Grinch is a great character to dress up as - all the kids will need is a Santa Claus outfit and some green and black face paint (watch this great tutorial).

Kids can also dress up the Whos of Whoville - the Christmas-loving people who ultimately thwart the Grinch's plans. The Whos wear their hair in elaborate up-dos and have rosy cheeks and noses.

Decorations/ Activities

You can have lots of fun decorating your Grinch party. Stick to a colour palette of green, red and white, and hang lots of baubles, ribbons and candy canes around the room in these colours. Some other great ideas include:

- A welcome to 'Whoville' sign

- A 'pin the heart on Mr Grinch' game

- Grinch Christmas baubles

Party Bag Fillers

Treat your little Grinchs and Whos to these festive delights:

- This Party Sweet Selection

- These Felt Christmas Stockings, for stashing goodies away from the Grinch

- These Jolly Christmas Yo-Yos

Nativity Children's Christmas Party


When it comes to Christmas party themes for young children, the nativity is a clear winner.

Fancy Dress

Invite all of the children to come as characters from the nativity, such as Mary, Joseph, the Three Kings, shepherds, angels and donkeys. This article has some great ideas for easily creating nativity costumes.


Transform your party venue into a scene from the nativity by:

- Creating a manger from a cardboard box and laying a doll in it

- Cutting out a large star from cardboard, covering it in gold glitter and hanging it above the manger

- Making angels from paper plates and hanging them around the room

Party Bags

Delight the children at your nativity party with:

- This Christmas Colouring Book

- This Stand Up Snowman

Santa's Grotto Children's Christmas Party

Santa's Grotto

Nothing says Christmas like Santa's grotto, and it's guaranteed to be popular with the kids.

Fancy Dress

Get all of the kids to come as Santa's elves - you can then have an adult dressed as Santa. Essential elf costume ingredients are; stripy tights, a green tunic and a pointy green hat. Read this article on how to make a DIY elf costume.


Creating a Santa's Grotto is lots of fun. Drape the space with heavy fabrics in reds and purples, to create a cosy feeling. Add the essential Christmas tree and as many Christmas decorations as you can fit in the room.

Party Bags

Get Santa to hand out the party bags to all of the elves. They could include:

- These Jolly Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

- These Santa or Snowman Gliders

Throwing a Christmas party for your kids and their friends is a great way to kick off the festive celebrations - as well as burning off some of their excitement!

They're sure to love these Christmas party themes, just as much as you'll enjoy putting them together.

Visit our Christmas page for more festive party bag fillers. If you'd like a ready-made solution, we also offer filled Christmas party bags and stockings, such as this Jolly Christmas Party Bag.

Have you got any more theme ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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