How to Throw the Perfect Children's Christmas Party

Children's Christmas Party

Christmas is by far one of the most magical experiences of childhood. From being too excited to sleep to peeking out of the window, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa's sleigh, the memories of the holiday season become some of our most treasured.

In the run up to the big day, throwing a Christmas party for the kids is a great way to make this year even more memorable. Plus, it's an opportunity for you to get your creative juices flowing and fill the house with festive joy.

Here are our tips:


How adorable are these snowman invitations? To make something similar, simply cut out a snowman shape from white card. You can then cut out and stick on a hat made from black card, and stick on a scarf made from felt. Add the face with coloured pens, or use googly eyes for extra impact.

Alternatively, we stock ready-made Twinkle Santa Invitations.

Fancy Dress

When it comes to fancy dress, you're spoilt for choice. Ask all of the kids to dress as something Christmassy - this can be anything from a penguin to Santa Claus. Provide them with a few ideas on the invitations to get them started.

If you'd prefer not to buy a costume, you can find lots of tutorials online, such as this one for a snowman outfit.

Christmas Party Decorations


Aside from the essential Christmas tree, you can have lots of fun creating a festive wonderland in your home.

Santa's Grotto

A great idea is to create a Santa's grotto - choose a small room, which you don't need to use and drape the walls and any furnishings with fabric in deep red and purple.

You can then decorate the room with fairy lights, Christmas lights and decorations to make it feel festive. Get one of the adults to dress as Santa Claus and send the children into the 'grotto' to collect their party bags and any other treats.

Get Crafty

There are lots of simple Christmas decorations that you can easily make with the kids. Try making garlands from pine tree leaves, pine cones, tinsel and baubles. Other ideas include; painting the tips of pine cones white for a snow-effect, cutting snowflakes out of paper to string around the house, or making these cute sock snowmen.


Every party needs plenty of fun activities to keep everyone entertained. Why not try:

Pass the Parcel

This is a classic game, which can easily be adapted for the festive season. Hide gifts such as Jolly Christmas Tattoos or Jolly Christmas Pinball between layers of wrapping paper - the kids pass the parcel round the circle, and if they're holding it when the music stops, they get to open a layer. If you don't fancy making your own, we offer a ready-wrapped Christmas Pass the Parcel.

Gift Wrap Relay

Divide the children into two teams and provide each team with a gift-wrapped box - you should also prepare stations with pre-cut wrapping paper and sellotape. Each child has to run to a station, un-wrap and then re-wrap their box, before running back to their team and passing it on to the next person. The first team in which every child un-wraps and re-wraps the box, wins.

Mystery Stocking

Fill a stocking with a collection of 'mystery' party bag fillers, with a distinctive tactile feel, such as yo-yos or jigsaw puzzles. Each child has a chance to feel the fillers inside the stocking - if they can guess what they are without looking, they get to take them home.

Party Bags

No party is complete without party bags. Fill yours with Christmas-themed goodies such as:

- These Santa or Snowman Gliders.

- These Jolly Christmas Stickers.

- These Santa or Xmas Penguin Masks.

Head to our Christmas page for more goodies, or take a look at our Christmas magazine for more ideas and printable decorations.

A Christmas party is the perfect way to get everyone feeling festive in the run up to the big day. Do you have any more ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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