6 Tips For A Halloween Party

Organising a Halloween party can be difficult and stressful. There is a lot to plan and organise; party decorations, fancy dress costumes, party games, loot bags, party food and party bag fillers.

We understand that it can feel like you have a million and one different things to do when organising a party, so to give you a helping hand, here is a list of 6 tips to help you organise an awesome Halloween party!

  1. Should You Have A Fancy Dress Party? There is a lot to consider with regards to Halloween and fancy dress parties. The question isn't just fancy dress or no fancy dress; you also have to consider a theme for the fancy dress costumes.Will you be opting for the typical spooky and scary fancy dress party? Or will you be choosing other fun themes such as superheroes and villains where everyone can dress up as some of their favourite heroes or villains. Other themes could also include animals, or 'when I grow up' where children dress as what they want to be when they grow up, and grownups dress up as what they said they wanted to be when they were a child. If you want to choose a theme that you can use to help educate your child, perhaps you could opt for a 'Day of The Dead' theme, which is also known as Día de los Muertos. This theme might at first sound very spooky for children, however it has a lot of cultural significance to people in Mexico and the festivities have been observed for about 2,500-3000 years. So a Day of The Dead themed party could be a fantastic way to have some spooky fun during Halloween time, and it could also a great opportunity to educate your child about the festivity and the history behind it. halloween-2661369__340
  2. Set Yourself A Budget Early In The Planning Process It is very important that you set yourself a budget. It could also be helpful to set smaller budgets for different sections of the party, for example you could have a budget for cake, party food, decorations .etc .etcJust remember to set yourself a budget for your fancy dress costume! celebration-1868676__340
  3. Decide When You Will Host The Party It might be tempting to host a party on Halloween, however sometimes Halloween falls during the middle of the week, this year it's on a Tuesday. So decide when you want to host the party, perhaps you want to host it the weekend before, or perhaps the weekend after. castanera-1022164__340
  4. Play Some Fun Halloween Themed Party Games There are lots of fun Halloween themed party games that you can play at the party. From Halloween party classics such as apple bobbing to classic party games with a Halloween twist, such as "hide from the monster", a Halloween version of "hide and seek".With a few Halloween favourites and some imagination, you could create some wonderful Halloween party games for your guests to enjoy. HU4-L_3_28
  5. Enjoy Some Delicious Party Food You'll need some food to serve and there are lots of ways that you can put a Halloween twist on your party food.You could have a selection of cupcakes with spiders or cobwebs drawn on them using icing, you could make meringues in the shape of bones, or you could serve some delicious party food that has been 'renamed' with some fun Halloween puns.If you're interested in some recipes for Halloween inspired party food, ASDA Good Living has a selection of recipes for tasty Halloween treats such as Stuffed mummy peppers! sweet-314234__340
  6. Make Some Fantastic Party Bags With Quality Party Bag Fillers What children's party will be complete without party bags? At All About Party Bags we have a wide range of different themed party bags and party bag fillers so you can choose some fantastic party bags for the end of your party.If you're organising a Halloween themed party, you can browse our Halloween collection by visiting our Halloween section. However, if you're planning a Halloween party with a different theme, you can browse our collection of party bag fillers and choose from numbers themes including but not limited to, superheroes, magic and aliens. hib6_1

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