8 Great Party Games For A Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween party can be difficult, whilst you're busy organising food, drinks and scary party bags for the children, you might be worried about planning some awesome party games.

Don't worry, we're here to help. Here's a list of 8 awesome party games for a Halloween party!

  • Pass The Parcel. If you're searching for a game to play at a children's party, pass the parcel is a fantastic choice. This awesome party game can work for a wide variety of themes, just choose some appropriate music, make the parcel(s) and you're ready to play this awesome party game.However, if you're concerned about having enough time to make the parcel, don't worry. At All About Party Bags, we have a fantastic selection of readymade pass the parcels to choose form, including a Halloween Pass the Parcel which has lots of fun Halloween themed treats inside!


  • Apple Bobbing. A Halloween party classic. (This is a game that the grownups can enjoy too!)If you're unfamiliar with the game, you fill a bucket or a tub with water and place apples inside. Then people take it in turns to place their hands behind their back and try to grab an apple using their teeth. Make sure to time everyone, because should multiple players be able to grab an apple with their teeth, the person who manages to grab an apple in the shortest amount of time is the winner! Also, as water can be dangerous, make sure that the game is supervised by a responsible adult.

  • Run From The Monster (Halloween Tag) You can transform lots of great party games into fantastic Halloween party games with a simple theme change.To transform tag into a fun Halloween party game, the person who is 'it' is called 'The Monster' and must catch the other players, who have to run from the monster. The winner is the last person to be caught, who then becomes the monster and must catch other the other players. Alternatively, you could play Zombie Tag where one player starts the game as a zombie and must tag other players to turn them into zombies who will join the zombie team and also try to tag people.

  • Homemade Indoor Bowling This is a quick and simple Halloween party game, great if you need an extra game to play at the last moment.Using some cans or kitchen rolls to make bowling pins and a small ball to use as the 'bowling ball' and you could make a fun game of indoor bowling. You could also decorate these 'bowling pins' with craft card to turn them into monsters.

  • Carve Free Jack-O-Lanterns If the party guests enjoy arts and crafts; you can play a game where everyone makes their own carve free jack-o-lanterns with pumpkins, a selection of markers, some craft paper and some glue.This way the children can enjoy making their own Halloween pumpkin jack-o-lantern, without the worries of children hurting themselves with knives. However, craft materials such as glues and marker pens can still be dangerous, so adult supervision will still be required.

  • A Murder Mystery If you're organising a party with a mixture of children and adults in attendance, you could organise a murder mystery game where each family works as a team in order to solve the 'whodunnit' mystery.If you're considering playing a murder mystery game at the party, make sure to get an accurate guest count in advance so that you can organise a fun murder mystery for your guests to enjoy.

  • Wrap Up A Mummy A simple game, split the children up into two teams and ask for a volunteer from each team to become the mummy. Then use kitchen roll or crepe paper to cover a volunteer in paper, wrapping them up like a mummy.The first team to transform their volunteer into a mummy are the winners. You can also read lots of different variations of this game by visiting Activity Village.