8 Tips For Planning A Halloween Party On A Budget

Planning a Halloween party can be a difficult and expensive experience, but it doesn't have to be. So, to give you a helping hand, here is a list of 8 party tips that you can use to organise an awesome Halloween party on a budget that doesn't miss out on exciting things such as Halloween party bags, party food or Halloween decorations.

If you need some help planning a Halloween party on a budget, here are 8 tips to help.

  1. Identify Your Budget The first step to planning a party on a budget is identifying your budget. Before you consider themes, decorations or costumes; look at how much money you have to spend on the budget first. halloween-1798080_960_720
  2. Create Halloween Decorations Yourself If you're skilled at arts & crafts, you could create some fantastic Halloween decorations yourself.With some time and patience, you can create a wide selection wonderful Halloween decorations. For example you could use some card and a pumpkin to create a carve-free pumpkin Halloween decoration; just like com did with these black cat pumpkin decorations. You could also use the same techniques to create pumpkin decorations for numerous other animals and monsters, maybe you could make some spooky vampire pumpkins. halloween-1746329__340
  3. Turn The Party Into A 'Pot Luck Style Party' If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a 'Pot Luck Style Party', a Pot Luck is where all the guests contribute to the food of the party. This could be a great idea if you're hosting a party with lots of children attending as each family will be able to contribute a dish.In order to minimise the likelihood of multiple people arriving to the party with the same dish, you could create an online document with a list of each family that is invited to the party and what dish they will be bringing. You could also use the document to display any food/drink allergies that people may have so that those who are preparing food can be made aware of this information in advance. sweet-316373__340
  4. Play Some Simple Halloween Party Games Party games don't have to be expensive to be fun. You can have a great time with simple Halloween party games such as apple bobbing and other classic party games such as musical statues and of course, a great game of pass the parcel.If you want to save some time and avoid building your own pass the parcel game, you could purchase some readymade pass the parcels. We have a fantastic Halloween themed pass the parcel that includes lots of awesome Halloween themed treats. game-asset-call-1296507_960_720
  5. Save Money On Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes If you frequently dress up for Halloween, you likely have a selection of costumes from previous years. So search through your fancy dress costumes from a few years ago. By choosing to wear a costume that you wore a few years ago instead of purchasing a new one, you could save yourself some money that you could spend on other areas of the party.Another money saving tip for costumes is to create your own. Indeed, DIY can be a fantastic way to save some money when organising a party. You could choose something spooky such as a zombie by using some makeup and old clothing, or you could go for a fun costume such as this Jelly Beans costume that you can see on Pop Sugar. halloween-2746041__340
  6. Host The Party At Your Home If you're entertaining a small number of guests, you could save money by hosting the party at your own home instead of hiring a venue. This could save you money not only in venue hire costs, but also the travel costs associated with taking decorations to and from the venue. HU4-L_3_28
  7. Get Creative With Food You don't have to purchase expensive dedicated Halloween food products, you can get creative and transform some ordinary food items into fun Halloween themed treats.There are lots of fantastic ways that you can use some creativity to transform food into party treats. For example, you could purchase a selection of store-bought cupcakes/fairy cakes and use icing to draw spiders or cobwebs on them. fruit-1720367__340
  8. Choose Readymade Party Bags From All About Party Bags Using DIY and arts & crafts skills can be a fantastic way to save some money when planning a Halloween party, however if you're concerned about having enough time to make decorations, food and costumes; you can save some time by purchasing readymade Halloween party bags from All about Party Bags.We have a fantastic selection of filled Halloween party bags to choose from with party bags suitable for all genders and children of a variety of different ages ranging from younger children all the way to tweens and teenagers.

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