How About A Camping Party?

There are lots of fun ideas for parties in summer to choose from, one such idea is a camping party where you could spend a day out in a woodland area. If a camping or woodland themed party interests you, here is a quick list of 4 tips and ideas for food, games, and party bags to give you a helping hand!

Party Bag Suggestions For A Outdoor Themed Party

Organising a party can sometimes be difficult and challenging, so here’s a quick list of suggestions and tips for an outdoor camping/woodland themed party!

  1. Make A Picnic!
    Party food is a very important part of organising a party. However, if you’re organising a camping or woodland themed party, why not pack a picnic? With a picnic you can serve a selection of different types of food and because you’re making the picnic yourself, you can avoid products which contain ingredients that any of the party guests are allergic to.

    There are lots of fun dishes that you could choose to make. Perhaps you could create a tasty salad with lots of delicious fresh greens, or maybe you could make a selection of dips for people to enjoy with some carrot sticks?

  2. Play Some Fun Outdoor Games!
    Sometimes organising party games can be a difficult task. However, there are lots of fun games that you could choose for an outdoor party. For example, you could keep things simple and bring a ball. This would give you the opportunity to play games such as football, piggy in the middle, or hot potato hide and seek. However, if you don’t want to bring a ball, you could play some fun outdoors games such as tag, crab racing, or you could play some games with water balloons (also known as water bombs).

    Alternatively, if you want to relax in the shade during an outdoors party, you could play a game of pass the parcel. In addition to party bags and party bag fillers, we have a fantastic selection of readymade pass the parcels to choose from in a variety of different themes. So if you’re concerned about not having enough time to make your own parcel, browse through our online store!

    If you would like more inspiration with regards to organising party games for a party, visit our blog and read our list of 8 ideas for children’s birthday party games.

  3. Prepare For Warm/Hot Weather!
    Remember, it is very important that you wear an appropriately strong sun cream and you stay hydrated by drinking water. Also, you should stay vigilant for the warning signs of heat exhaustion. The symptoms are usually the same in both adults and children, so if somebody is experiencing heat exhaustion symptoms, they need to be cooled down.

    The NHS says that heat exhaustion usually gets better when you cool down, however it if become heat stroke it should be treated as an emergency. You can learn about warning signs such as headache, temperature of 38C or above, and intense thirst by visiting Additionally, the NHS also has information regarding when to get medical help and prevention.

  4. Choose Some Fun Outdoor Themed Party Bags!
    The All About Party Bags online store has lots of fantastic party bag products to choose from. If you would like to create your own party bags, you can browse through a range of party bag fillers and empty bags so you can create your own goodie bags to give to party guests at the end of the party.

    However, if you are concerned about not having enough time to make your own party bags, or if you are unsure about what to put inside a party bag, don’t worry. We have a vast selection of readymade party bags that are pre-filled. You can browse through different themed party bags for boys, girls, and children of various different ages, including young and old children, babies and toddlers, and tweens and teens!

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If you’re searching for more inspiration with regards to themed parties, visit the All About Party Bags Blog. We have lots of helpful tips including some suggestions and ideas for both farm and zoo themed birthday parties.

We also have lots of advice with regards to organising and planning a party. For example we have a list of steps for organising a party to give you a helping hand during the planning process. We also have a blog titled “9 Tips To Minimise Stress” which has lots of tips that could help you stay calm and avoid stress whilst organising your child’s birthday party.

The All About Party Bags blog has lots of fantastic tips for themed parties, suggestions of what to include in party bags, and lots of other party bag related topics such as children’s wedding favours (also known as wedding busy bags).

Additionally, if you are searching for visual inspiration, you might be interested in visiting our Pinterest page. It has lots of boards to help with party planning inspiration. For example, you could browse world cup party ideas, dinosaur parties, and emoji party ideas.

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