10 Essential Halloween Party Bag Fillers

Feel like you're lacking in party bag inspiration? You don't have to stick to the same old tried and tested formulas. With Halloween coming up, there's no better time to give your bags a make-over. From Slime Throwers to Spider Erasers, there are plenty of fun gifts to put a smile on kids' faces at your Halloween party. We consider some of the best.

Monster Tattoo

These little monster tattoos are a great Halloween party bag filler. They come in an assortment of designs, so you should be able to find something for everyone. All the kids need to do is place on the skin, wet thoroughly, press down for 20 seconds and then pull off the paper backing. Don't worry though, unlike the real thing they come off easily!

Wall Walker Insect

These creepy crawlies are great fun and should amaze the kids. They magically walk down any vertical surface, as they cling on with their sticky feet. A simple toy that offers hours of entertainment.

Slime Thrower

These icky slime throwers are the perfect accessory for your wannabe monsters. The kids can stretch them out as far as they can and then watch them spin through the air. With a bit of practise they can have them flying long distances.

Neon Finger Monster

Remember these? Finger puppets have to be a feature of anyone's childhood and the joy of them has not been diminished by time. These colourful scary monsters are perfect for Halloween. They come in a range of colours so there should be one for everyone.

Stretchy Snake

These snakes are a great twist on a classic toy. Kids love stretching things, and these little guys are the perfect slithery companion. Just don't be surprised if you get a fright whenever you stumble across one left on the floor!

Bat Ring

Every vampire needs to accessorise and these rings are the perfect addition to any costume. With a stylish bat design, you might even have some trouble getting them to take them off when Halloween is over!

Dracula Fangs - All About Party BagsDracula Fangs

Dracula fangs are an essential for any Halloween party bag. The most important part of any vampire's kit, they allow the kids to transform into the living dead in seconds. With the popularity of vampires at an all-time high, thanks to the Twilight phenomenon, these are sure to go down a storm.

Spider Eraser - All About Party BagsSpider Eraser

The sight of these spider erasers is bound to make any mum shudder, but kids love everything creepy crawly! Just be warned that they might leave them around the house to scare you. The best part of this gift is that they do have a useful purpose, and should be an addition to pencil cases for months to come.

Halloween Bubble Pot

What's not to love about bubbles? They are one of the all-time favourites when it comes to kids party bag fillers and they will have lots of fun chasing bubbles all over the place. These scary versions are a great choice for Halloween.

Halloween Mask

These masks get the balance between scary and child-friendly just right. Kids love dressing up and these fun masks let them effortlessly transform into a Halloween character. They can also be used time and time again for fancy dress!

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to give your party bags a 'scary' makeover. These 10 essential party bag fillers are great fun and a great end to any Halloween party.

Do you have any suggestions for great Halloween party bag fillers? Let us know in the comments

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