4 Suggestions For A Boy’s Birthday Party

If you’re organising a party to celebrate your son’s birthday, but you’re unsure what party theme you should choose and you are in need of some inspiration and party supplies, don’t worry. The All About Party Bags online store has a fantastic selection of party products including party bag fillers, pre-filled party bags, and a selection of games & accessories.

Party Bag Filler Ideas For Your Boys Birthday 

If you need some ideas and inspiration for your son’s birthday party, here is a quick list of a few themes and ideas to give you a helping hand.

1. Plan A Party Inspired by Their Favourite Movie

If you’re unsure about choosing a party theme, organising a party inspired by their favourite movie or film series could be a fantastic idea.

If for example, your son enjoys a movie that is currently being shown at the cinema, perhaps you could organise a trip to the cinema as a party of the party activities. However, if your child’s favourite film is on DVD, you could show the film at the party venue, perhaps after enjoying some party food.

For example, if your child enjoyed the 2018 film The Incredibles 2, you could organise a birthday party for them inspired by this movie. With superhero masks, themed decorations, and a trip to the cinema.

2. Comic Book / Superhero Inspired Party.

If your son is a fan of comic books, this could be a fantastic idea for a birthday party theme. You could even make this party a fancy dress birthday party, with all the guests dressing up as some of their favourite comic book characters. Grown-ups can join in the fancy dress fun too as comic books and superheroes are very popular amongst both children and adults.

Also, there are numerous different activities in addition to fancy dress that you could enjoy at a comic book themed birthday party. Some examples include, colouring in comic book characters and learning to draw in comic book styles. However, if you want to keep the party activities simple, you could organise a few games of pass the parcel using readymade pass the parcels from the All About Party Bags online store.

3. Science Fiction Party.

If your son enjoys science fiction, you could organise a Star Wars themed birthday party.

A few months ago Solo: A Star Wars Story was released following the adventures of a young Han Solo. Many people love the Star Wars films, books, and television shows; including both adults and children.

The Star Wars universe has lots of sources for inspiration, The Clone Wars cartoon, the Rebels cartoon, the original trilogy, the prequels, the sequels, the spin offs, the books, and the comic books. Indeed, with so much to choose from it might be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. So, perhaps you could focus the party to one film, or one television show. For example, the most recent spin off Solo: A Star Wars Story, or perhaps a party inspired by the Clone Wars cartoon, which it was recently announced in July 2018 that it will be returning.

4. Have You Considered An Activity With A Sport Such As Football?

If your child enjoys playing football, you could organise a party centred on this sport. You could book an activity hall and arrange a game of football between your son and a few of his friends, and at the end of the party you could give the children some football themed party bags to take home. If you would like to make your own party bags, we have lots of football themed party bag fillers to browse, however if you would like to save time you could browse through our selection of football readymade party bags.

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