5 Ideas For A Girl’s Birthday Party

If you’re organising a party to celebrate your daughter’s birthday and you’re unsure about party themes and need some inspiration and party supplies, don’t worry. The All About Party Bags online store has a fantastic selection of party products including filled party bags in a variety of different themes, with lots of girl’s party bags to choose from.

If you need some ideas and inspiration for your daughter’s birthday party, here are a few themes and ideas to give you a helping hand. 

1.    Organise A Fairytale Themed Party For Your Daughter
If your daughter enjoys fairytales, this could be a fantastic party theme. There are lots of fun fairytales to choose from to inspire your party theme. You could choose a single fairytale for the theme, or you could choose a variety of different fairytales for a party theme.

With regards to goodie bags / children’s party favours to take home at the end of the party, you can browse through a fantastic selection of readymade party bags on our online store. We understand that organising a themed birthday party can be very time consuming, so save time and browse through our selection of filled party bags for girls and visit our range of fairytale themed party bags. Some examples of the party bags that are available from our online store include a Filled Fairy Gift Bag, a Loving Unicorns Party Bag, or a Princess Heart Party Bag.

Additionally, if you’re considering a fairytale themed birthday party for your daughter, you might be interested in a piñata such as this Unicorn Heart Piñata.

2.    Plan A Party Inspired by Their Favourite Movie
If you’re unsure what party theme to choose for your daughter, perhaps you could transform her favourite movie into a birthday party.

For example, if your daughter’s favourite movie is Frozen, you could celebrate the movie with fancy dress, music from the movie, and themed party decorations. Additionally, you could play some party games with a themed twist, and you could also serve some tasty healthy party food in a Frozen theme, such as carrot sticks labelled as “Snowmen’s Noses”.

3.    How About An Under The Sea Party Theme?
For children interested in sea life or mermaids, an under the sea party could be a fantastic idea for a children’s birthday party.

You could also enjoy a day out for your child’s birthday party, perhaps visiting a local aquarium where your daughter and some of her friends can enjoy seeing a variety of different aquatic and marine animals. This could also be a fantastic idea if you’re trying to think of a party that can be both fun and educational.

Additionally, we have lots of fun party products to choose from in our selection of filled party bags. You can browse through a fantastic selection of readymade party products such as a Girls Filled Sealife Loot Bag, a Tropical Fish Party Bag, or a My Mermaid Party Bag.

4.    Have You Considered An Activity Such As Bowling Or Skating?
Sometimes children might not want a birthday party, but instead would prefer to celebrate their birthday doing an activity with some of their friends. For example, they might want to go bowling, go to see a film at the cinema, or maybe go skating.

If your child enjoys skating, there are lots of ice skating and roller skating venues that you could choose from, your local venue may have disco events where people can skate and dance to music.

5.    What About A Science Themed Party?
If your daughter enjoys science and doing science themed activities and experiments, you could organise a day of science fun for her and a few of her friends to enjoy.

You could get some simple lab coats, gloves and safety goggles for your daughter and the party guests to wear, and then enjoy some fun science activities and experiments. For example, you could create Oobleck, which is a non-Newtonian fluid. That means it acts like a liquid when being poured but if you apply force to the Oobleck, it acts like a solid. If you would like to learn how to make Oobleck, you can find a recipe on Instructables.com.

However, there are lots of other fun experiments and activities that you could do at a science party; you could learn about physics and engineering by building catapults. If you’re unsure how to build a catapult, you can find a quick guide on Mommypoppins.com.


Need Some Party Inspiration? Visit Our Pinterest Page!

 If you’re searching for some inspiration when organising a party for your child’s birthday, visit our Pinterest page.

There are lots of fun Pinterest boards to browse on our page, for example you can see lots of cool party ideas such as inspiration for space parties, garden parties, princess parties, and more.


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