6 Party Ideas For 2018

Planning a party can be difficult. With lots of themes, party decorations, party supplies and party bag fillers to choose from, sometimes deciding on an idea can feel like a challenge. So, if you’re in need of some advice and tips for a children’s party, here are a few suggestions for a children’s party in 2018.

  • Cooking Party! Parties with activities can be very popular. One such activity that children can get involved in is a cooking party. Perhaps you could teach children about chocolate and teach them how to make a selection of chocolate treats, and then they get to eat the treats they have made for dessert after eating their party food.However, if you’re preparing for a cooking party, you might not have time to create some party bags for the children to take home after the party. If you’re concerned about not having enough time, we have a fantastic selection of Cookery themed readymade party bags to choose from including a Cup Cake Party Bag and a Cake Bake Party Bag.

childrens cooking set

  • Party Theme Mash-Ups. Why choose just one theme when you can enjoy a variety of different themes? If your child loves space and superheroes, why not have a mixed theme party?Additionally, thanks to our fantastic variety of different party bag fillers, you could create customised party bags to give to the children at the end of the party that have a variety of different themed products, including gifts from both the space theme and the superhero theme of the party.

Space Robot Party Bag

  • Arts & Crafts. Arts & Crafts parties can be a fantastic choice for children who enjoy being creative; there are lots of different activities that you could choose from. Also, keeping with the above idea of mixing themes, you could organise an Arts & Crafts party within a particular theme.For example, you could organise an Arts & Crafts party within a fairytale theme for your child. The children at the party could play fairytale themed party games and also take part in Arts & Crafts activities within the fairytale theme.With regards to party bags, you could choose to make your own and browse the fantastic products that are available from the All About Party Bags online store. You could include gifts such as paint brushes, twister bands, colouring boards, and mini play dough pots.

mini canvas with easel

  • Superhero Theme. Superheroes are popular amongst children, however many children (and adults) are looking forward to the release of Incredibles 2 which will be released in July.As such, you might consider organising a superhero themed party for your child.You could organise some fun superhero themed party games, however if you’re struggling to think of some party games with a superhero theme, The Spruce has an article with a selection of different superhero themed party games such as Kryptonite Crash and Superhero Amnesia.Big Blue Super Hero Party Bag
  • Lego Themed Party. Lego is enjoyed by many children and many adults, as such it could make a fantastic theme for a children’s birthday party. If you’re searching for some Lego inspired party games, you could follow the steps found on com and create a fun Lego piñata for the guests to enjoy at the end of the party.However, one of the fantastic things about Lego is that there are lots of different themes to choose from. So, just like in tip number two, you could organise a dual themed party; instead of just a Lego themed party, you could organise a Lego pirate party!If you’re unsure how to organise a pirate themed Lego party, don’t worry, with some fun Lego kits and some pirate themed accessories you could create an awesome themed birthday party for your child. However, if you’re searching for some advice and inspiration for a pirate themed Lego party, Lego.com has an article called “How to build a Pirate birthday party”If you’re considering a Lego pirate party, and you’re concerned about not having enough time to make your own party bags, you could browse through our selection of pre-filled pirate party bags in our selection of readymade party bags. Additionally, you could find some more party ideas for pirate themed parties by reading our blog titled, “10 Amazing Pirate Party Ideas”.

lego pirate

  • Movie Inspired Parties. If you’re unsure what theme to choose for a birthday party, consider your child’s favourite movies. For example, your child is a fan of Star Wars, you could organise a birthday party inspired by the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. Or perhaps if your child is a fan of superheroes, you could organise a party inspired by the latest film in the Marvel or DC cinematic universe.star wars lego characters
Party Inspiration From The All About Party Bags BlogYou can find a wide variety of tips, inspiration and advice regarding children’s parties and party bags on the All About Party Bags Blog.For example, you can find blogs with tips that could help you minimise stress whilst party planning, a list of party themes for the Easter break, and a list of tips about what you could include in a child’s party bag.

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