7 Party Bag Filler Ideas For Older Children

Trying to think of some party ideas for your older child? Don't panic, here at All About Party Bags we have a fantastic selection of products suitable for children of various different ages, from toddlers to teens! So browse through our fantastic collection of ready made party bags and party bag fillers!

Party Bag Fillers For Older Children

If you have an older child, the typical children's party might feel somewhat childish for them. This age range can be quite difficult because they may have outgrown children's parties, but they may not have grown into teenage parties yet.

So to give you a helping hand, here's a list of 7 party tips for older children.

  1. Comic Book / Superheroes Party Some people think that comic books are mostly aimed at younger children, however people of all ages enjoy comic books and the stories within them. There are characters aimed at a wide range of different age groups, with characters tailored towards children, teens and adults.As such, a comic book themed party based around your child's favourite superheroes and super villains could be a fantastic party theme for your child's birthday party. sth24
  2. Their Favourite Animal You are never too old to have a favourite animal. Whether your child thinks that sharks are super cool or if they're a cat lover, a party based around their favourite animal is a fantastic way to give their birthday party a theme that they can enjoy.We have a wide selection of party bag fillers to help you create a fantastic party bag for your child's party. We have lots of different types of animal themes to choose from, sea life, zoo, wildlife and lots more! STIB52-L_19
  3. Movie Night! Sometimes older children just want to hang out with their friends. So organise a movie night for them with a few of your child's favourite movies and some tasty treats.An alternative to a movie night could be a cinema party where your child and their friends go to see a movie that they have been looking forward to.If you're curious about party bags or party bag fillers, you could search for a selection of gifts that are related to the film the children watched. For example if the children enjoyed a science fiction movie, perhaps you could include some party bag fillers from our Alien, Monster, Space & Robot section. FLH3-L_3_28
  4. A Fancy Dress Party People of all ages love fancy dress parties and there are lots of characters to choose from. You could even have a themed fancy dress party, with themes such as comic book, animals, movie characters, music stars, etc, etc.With regards to party bags, you could base the party bags around your child's costume or the theme of the fancy dress party. If you're searching for gifts to put in the party bags that match your child's costume or the theme of the party, browse through our fantastic selection of party bag fillers. We even have a selection of sweets and chocolate. sw17
  5. What About Party Games? This can be tricky, depending on your child and their group of friends; they might enjoy some party games, whereas other groups might not be interested in them.However, if your child is sporty, perhaps a game of football will be enough entertainment for the party. Or perhaps you could purchase a piñata for the party, so that the children can enjoy breaking open the piñata.However, if these don't sound interesting, how about an activity such as bowling or perhaps something more adventurous such as a rock climbing wall? FP39-L_3_32
  6. How Many Guests Should You Invite? There's no golden rule for how many children you should invite to the party. Some people suggest your child's age should be the amount of guests invited to the party; however that isn't always a good rule to follow.For example, if your child is having a sleepover party for their 10th birthday. Would there be room for 10 guests? However, team activity based parties, such as a football party might be confusing with an odd number of guests; which team gets the extra player? tu24
  7. What Do I Put In The Party Bags? This can get tricky. Often the gifts you would have considered might feel a bit too childish for the children now. So how can you make party bags that are age appropriate?The solution is simple, visit the All About Party Bags online store. We have a fantastic range of party bags and party bag fillers with products suitable for a wide range of ages; from toddlers to teens!So if you're unsure what to include in the goodie bags for the end of your child's party, browse through our selection of fantastic party bag fillers.


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Need Some More Party Ideas?

If you're searching for more party ideas, you can find lots of great suggestions on our blog. For example if you're searching for some fantastic party games to play at your child's birthday party; we recommend reading our blog, "8 Great Party Games Ideas For Your Child's Birthday Party".

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