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When we get to a certain age, birthdays seem to pass without much fuss, unless it’s a ‘milestone birthday’ (and even then, you probably won’t like to be reminded of the age either!) When you’re young though, the prospect of a birthday is exciting as it provides you with a day packed full of fun with friends and family, creating experiences that you’ll remember forever. And you get presents too.

If you’re planning on hosting a party for your little one and their friends, have you got a party theme in mind? Know what entertainment to put on? Have the right party bag fillers to give out? As party experts here at All About Party Bags, we’re on hand to give you some handy tips on all of this and more – so do read on!

A Great Range of Party Bag Fillers

The team here at All About Party Bags have been involved within the party industry for well over a decade now – our party bag fillers business growing out of our successful adventure play centre business in Northamptonshire, a business that now serves customers worldwide.

So when it comes to kids parties we’ve seen it all – and as something they can take home, play with and enjoy, the addition of party bags to your event will certainly provide the finishing touch to a memorable day for your attendees.

Here are some of our top party theme ideas:

Top Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

  • Magician. Magical whether you’re a child or an adult; the reams of impressive tricks that can be performed by a party magician will leave everyone in amazement, wondering just how they did that. There are no end of professional magicians to hire for children’s parties, who will come to your venue with their own props to ensure a fun show. With their party bag fillers, perhaps even the children will be inspired to take up magic themselves?
  • Balloon Artist. They may seem like they’re doing magic but twisting and turning a balloon into the shape of a kids’ favourite animal is an art! Balloon artistry sometimes comes with additional services – such as with a clown, face painter or the aforementioned magician. If you’re keen on including balloon art at your kids’ birthday party, do take the time to look around for any additional services they offer.

  • Farm Party. Speaking of animals; have you ever seen ‘mini farms’ set up at a local fair or in a public space, such as a shopping centre? These services can be hired out by anyone, with the purveyors supplying everything that’s needed – the fencing, animal feed and of course, the farm animals themselves. If you’ve got a sizeable outdoor space at hand, then a farm party is the perfect idea for any animal-mad kid! The handing out of animal-themed party bag fillers will top off a great party.

  • Water Party. And speaking of the outdoors, for any late-Primary School-age kids, much fun can be had with a water party. Got a back garden big enough for a temporary pool? What about getting the super soakers out and allowing the kids to run wild? There’s always the time-honoured water balloons to chuck about too. If this is something you’re interested in hosting for your kids, make sure that everyone is on board with the idea (and doesn’t mind getting wet), that the venue is big enough, also check if it’s warm enough – and you (yes, you) are out of the way when battle commences!

  • Crafting Party. If getting wet isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, how about letting the kids’ creativity run wild? Hosting drawing, painting and model-making classes are particularly popular party ideas for older kids, as they let them take ownership of their activities, exploring their creativity and creating a fun atmosphere in the process. But what about younger kids? A great idea to let them bestow their creativity for a bit (whilst you get the next stage of the party ready) is by including creative items in your party bags – crafty party bag fillers will keep them occupied.

  • Puppet Show. For hundreds of years, puppets have been keeping kids (and slightly older kids) entertained with their funny stories, motions, voices and songs. There are many mobile puppet theatres that can be hired and what’s more, each will have a number of different types of shows available – many designed to suit different age groups.

  • Bouncy castle. Another ‘old one but a good one’. The great thing about bouncy castles is that they allow kids to expend their huge reserves of energy, whilst they’re having fun! Being a common party idea, there are many bouncy castle services available – have a look around and check for reviews to know that you’re getting a good service. Once you’re sorted, the kids can keep out of trouble and bounce around to their heart’s content. Better keep the adults from joining in though (you know who you are!)

Those were our tips on a theme for your kids birthday party. If you’re considering creating your own party bags to give out during or after the event, why not browse our great range of party bag fillers? The key to our substantial growth has been our drive to source high-quality products for great prices – savings we pass on to our customers.

Browse Our Wide Range of Party Bags and Party Bag Fillers

Our selection of party bag fillers has also been created to reflect today’s trends – so regardless of the age or likes of the kids who attend the party, we will have something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Why not take a look around our website to see more?

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