Summer is coming, 3 suggestions for summer themed parties!

Summertime is swiftly approaching so that means one thing; it's time for a summer themed party! However, if you're planning a summer themed party for your child and their friends, you're going to need some awesome party bags. If you're unsure what to put in a summer party bag, don't worry because All About Party Bags has a fantastic selection of themed party bag fillers to choose from on our online store!

3 Suggestions For Summer Themed Parties

If you're organising a summer themed party, you're going to need to plan some fun activities, organise some delicious summer themed party food, and make some fantastic party bags.

However, if you need some ideas for your themed party, don't worry because here's a list of three to give you a helping hand!

1. Choose some fun party games

There are lots of fun games that you can play for a summer themed birthday party. You could go for a simple party game such as a game of capture the flag, or perhaps you could add a summer twist to a fun game and play water balloon dodge ball. This game follows the same rules as dodge ball, only replacing the balls with water balloons. If you're in need of some water balloons (also known as water bombs), you can find some on our online store in our selection of party bag fillers.

If you're interested in simple games for the party, how about a game of pass the parcel? However, if you're worried about not having enough time to make a pass the parcel for the party, don't worry because you can browse through a fantastic selection of ready made pass the parcel on the All About Party Bags online store. They're available for children of all genders and a variety of different ages including babies & toddlers, older children and tween and teenagers.

Also, if you are playing outdoor games during the summer time, it is important that all party guests are protected from the sun. As such, sun cream should be available for those who need it.

2. Don't Forget About Tasty Party Food

When organising a party, you need to choose some delicious food and drink to serve at the party. If you're organising an outdoor party during the summer time perhaps you could have some BBQ food. You could also opt for a tasty pot luck style meal, where each party guest (or each family attending) brings a dish to the party and everyone shares food and enjoys each others cooking. However, if your decide to organise a pot luck style party, please remember to share information regarding any guests allergies with everyone who is preparing food so nobody is left out of the celebrations.

However, if you're organising an outdoors party, it is very important that you stay hydrated. So make sure the water and other refreshments are available for party guests.

3. Make Some Awesome Party Bags!

Whilst party food and party games are indeed very important, it is also important that you do not forget about party bags.

We understand that creating amazing party bags can be difficult, so if you're searching for party bag fillers, visit the All About Party Bags online store. We have a fantastic selection of bag fillers to choose from including various different themes for children of all genders and various different ages. We also have a selection of empty bags to choose from so if you would like to create your own party bags for your summer themed party, browse through our online store today!

However, if you're concerned about not having enough time to create your own party bags; do not worry because in addition to fantastic party bag fillers, you can also browse through a selection of readymade party bags on our online store. Indeed, with party bags such as Outdoor Fun Party Bag, Summer Fun Party Bag, or the Fly & Throw Party Bag to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice!

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If you're searching for inspiration for a children's party you're planning, visit our blog. It's filled with lots of fantastic tips and ideas for parties such as farm themed birthday party ideas, tips for personalising your child's birthday party, and lots of suggestions for party themes!

If you are searching for advice with regards to organising a party during the summertime, perhaps you would be interested in reading our blog titled "It's Summer Time". This blog is filled with lots of wonderful party ideas for summer birthday parties, including suggestions for party games and activities.

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Additionally, if you would like to find inspiration for a themed party, you could find lots of ideas by visiting our Pinterest page. It has lots of Pinterest boards for party inspiration such as super hero cake ideas, vintage party ideas and pinatas!

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