Top 10 Unisex Party Bag Fillers

A party bag is an event staple that we all remember from childhood. There's nothing quite so fun as receiving gifts, and it turns out that giving them feels pretty good as well! We all want the best for our kids whether it's what school they go to or how much their friends enjoy their party.

However, making party bags for boys and girls can be tricky- how do you please them both? Buying unisex party bag fillers is a great way to keep everyone happy so no matter who comes to the party, you'll have something suitable. Here are our top 10.

Stretchy Smiley Man

If you never had a stretchy smiley man' as a child, you were the exception. Everyone has had one of these little guys at some point, and they are bound to go down well with both boys and girls. He can be stretched to around twice his size, and you can have lots of fun seeing just how far you can extend him. Yellow, stretchy and smiley - what's not to like?

Jazzy Party Blow Out

These jazzy blow outs are another children's party classic. They come in a range of assorted colours meaning that you can select which one to include for each individual. Handing the bags out at the end of the party means that the kids will have all the fun - and your poor ears will be subjected to the noise for the minimum amount of time.

Thanks For Coming' Chocolate

Is there anyone who doesn't like chocolate? OK, so you will need to check for any allergies, but overall it's a pretty safe bet. The orange and purple, and silver and white should appeal to both genders, as should the sugary deliciousness. The inclusion of the Thanks for coming!' is a nice way to make your guests feel extra special and appreciated as they leave.

Mini Catchable Bubbles

What's better than bubbles? Well, how about catchable bubbles? These should go down well with children of all genders and a variety of ages after all, even us adults would enjoy playing with them! The mixture is super-long lasting and, as the bubbles don't burst when you catch them, children can have endless fun chasing them around the garden.

Trainer Eraser

These quirky trainer erasers are bound to go down well with the 'cool' kids. A stylish addition to any pencil case, they add a bit of fun to your child's stationery set. They come in a variety of colours, so they can easily be given to boys and girls.

Single Smiley Tattoo

These smiley tattoos will put a smile on your kids' faces. They come in a wide range of designs, so you should be able to find something different to suit everybody. All the kids need to do is place one on the skin, wet it thoroughly, press down for 20 seconds, peel off the backing, and Voila! one realistic looking tattoo. Fortunately, unlike the real ones, they easily come off.

Mini Click and Catch Game

This addictive little game is a great addition to any party bag. If you haven't played with one before, the premise is pretty simple the little 'push' trigger forces the ball to jump up and the aim is to catch it in the basket. It's not as easy as it sounds! Kids' will love the challenge, and it's a good way to improve hand-eye co-ordination.

Magic Magnetic Picture

This entertaining toy will delight and amaze children. Iron filings encapsulated under the plastic can be moved around to alter the picture just like magic! They come in a variety of designs of bald heads and animals, so there should be one to please everyone.

Nought and Crosses Game

Noughts and crosses is one of the simplest games, but it's also one of the most fun. This sturdy Styrofoam version is clever ways to let kids' play, even when paper and pens aren't available. Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best!

Mini Shiny Yo-Yo

Remember when there was a yo-yo craze? It's time for them to make a comeback. With endless tricks to learn, they really are a toy that children never have to grow tired off. Even better, these are metal so they should stand the test of time.

Throwing a party for boys and girls can be difficult, raising questions like what decorations do you use, and what invitations do you go for? These ten unisex filler ideas will ensure that at least getting the party bags right is simple, no matter who turns up. After all there's not much not to dislike about things like bubbles, games and chocolate.

Have you tried any of these party bag fillers? Let us know in the comments.

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