Play If You Dare: 5 Halloween Party Games

Do you remember Halloween as a child? It was so much fun! Kids love everything gross and scary. Dressing up and getting treats is just the icing on the cake. It's also the perfect excuse to throw your children and their friends a party. Every event needs games, and it just so happens that Halloween is the perfect inspiration for some devilishly fun ones. Here are 5 ideas to make your event a hit with the kids.

Spooky Treasure Hunt

Children love treasure hunts, and the excitement of searching for and finding gifts. A great idea is to play a spooky version of this classic game. If the children are old enough, lower all the lights and decorate the house with creepy fake webs, insects and snakes. Hide Halloween related gifts in easy to reach places and let the kids loose to find them. Some great things to hide are:

- These scary Halloween masks

- These ugly teeth key chains

- Creepy crawly spider erasers

- These Dracula fangs

Decorate your house with:

- These creepy spider webs

- These slithering stretchy snakes

Brain Digging

Kid's love things that are gross and this game certainly fits the bill. This one's all about the senses; cook some spaghetti, let it cool and then put it in a large bowl. Write 'trick' or 'treat' on a selection of ping pong balls, and then blindfold the kids in turn and get them to search in the 'brains' for the balls. If they pick 'trick' they have to do a forfeit like a silly dance. If they pick 'treat' they get a Halloween gift or sweets. Why not hand out treats like:

- These bat rings

- These Halloween Maze Puzzles

- These Halloween Spinning Tops

- Yummy sweets

Apple Bobbing

This is a Halloween classic that no party would be complete without. Fill a large bucket ¾ full with water, and place a towel underneath it. Put around 6 apples in the water and let each child have a go at getting as many as possible - hands need to remain behind their backs! Make sure you have a towel at hand, as this game can turn out to be very wet. Let the children keep the apples they manage to get out of the water. Reward the person who gets the most apples with an extra:

- Halloween party bag to take home

Guess the Ghost

This game is guaranteed to be great fun. Sit the kids in a circle, put some Halloweeny music on and get them to take it in turns to be blindfolded. The blindfolded person walks around the circle touching the other children on the head. When the music stops, the child who is currently tapped on the head has to let out their scariest ghostly wail. The blindfolded person then has to guess who they think it is. Hand out rewards to people who guess correctly such as:

- Fun slime throwers

- Scary monster masks

Halloween Pass the Parcel

For an easy twist on a classic game try Halloween pass the parcel. It's pretty simple; play Halloween songs for children such as Pumpkin Pumpkin' and replace fillers with Halloween themed gifts.

- For an easy option try a ready-wrapped Halloween pass the parcel filled with gifts like themed maze puzzles, bubble pots, fangs and activity sticker books.

These Halloween games will make your children's party fangtastic. There are plenty more variations that you could try like Guess the Witch' where the tagged person has to let out their most evil cackle. Let your imagination run wild!

Do you know any other Halloween games that children love?

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