Keeping Kids Entertained At Weddings – With Party Bag Fillers and more!

Whilst a wedding can be a fun, joyous occasion for us adults, sometimes keeping kids entertained can be a challenge in itself – the last thing anyone wants at a wedding (especially if it’s your own!) is a number of tired, tetchy kids.

So how to go about ensuring that the young ones are as entertained as the adults? The trick is to arrange for something in-between the event’s big moments – the cutting of the cake, the disco, the opening of the free bar (sorry, wishful thinking). Ideal for such a role is party bag fillers.

Keeping Kids Entertained At Weddings With Party Bag Fillers

Wedding favours have been a traditional gift from the couple being hitched to attendees for many years. They act as an appreciation of their presence, a small token of their ‘thanks’ for sharing their special day.

The form of wedding favours can vary – they can be keepsake gifts that are perhaps a reminder of the relationship between the attendee and the couple, or they’re a casual gift that can be enjoyed on the day, or during the days afterwards – like kids party bags. So why not combine the tradition of wedding favours with the need to keep kids occupied with party bag fillers?

Fillers for a party bag come in all shapes, sizes and types. Sweets, activity books, games, teddies and toys that can be themed by whatever the event may be or what the children like. They can be selected based on gender; from princess and unicorn party bags for girls to football or car party toys for boys, or have one unisex party bag theme. The range of choice is almost endless!

But aside from the party bags, we’ve put together a list of activities that will help to keep the young attendees content and crucially, quiet, during the party!

Other Activities That Keep Kids Having Fun At Weddings

  • Crafting table . With their minds full of wonder, it is no surprise that kids love to create things – so why not keep them occupied with a special table reserved for crafting? Anything from a pot of crayons and a few colouring-in books, playdough or collaging with stickers are all great ways to get them crafting. Perhaps you can even include a crafting kit in your party bag fillers
  • Photo booths/areas . A wedding is a great occasion for us all; we wear elegant dresses or smart suits that we probably wouldn’t usually do in our everyday life. For many kids, this may be their first experience of such an occasion, so the wearing of a special dress or snazzy suit adds double the excitement! As such, wouldn’t it be fun to capture this excitement in full flow during the event? Whilst you may have your camera phone on you or there’ll be a professional photographer snapping away, something like a wedding-themed photo booth (with added fancy dress!), can produce different kinds of photos that can be treasured forever – and vitally, keeps the kids occupied and having fun. 
  • Play area . Children love to play, so the last thing you want is them running about the venue or (knee sliding on) the dance floor as they expend their energy! Set up a dedicated play area in the venue, in which they can play to their heart’s content. Include games and activities for them to do – giant puzzles, dance mats and board games are particularly popular. The addition of beanbags, pillows and blankets add extra comfort too – making it an ideal area for them to settle down after a tiring day and play with their party bag fillers.

  • Scavenger Hunts . Ideal for any wedding – it doesn’t even have to have an outdoor element to it, as you might expect of a traditional scavenger hunt! Creating an I-spy checklist that features wedding-themed elements; a white dress, top hat and certain colours of flowers, ties or shoes are all examples of things that will keep kids entertained as they hunt high-and-low for their clues!

So that was our suggestions for activities to keep kids entertained at a wedding event. If you’re interested in party bag fillers – then we are All About (The) Party Bags!

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We have a great selection of children’s toys, activity packs and sweets, as well as empty paper bags, tote bags and boxes for you to fill them up. By creating your own party bags, you can place even more of a personal element on your party – making it more relatable and fun for the children involved.

All of our party bag fillers have been tried, tested and approved by children in our very own play centre – so with us, you can feel rest assured that the products you purchase are ones that keep kids entertained and are of a high quality.

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