Tips To Keep Children Occupied During Weddings!

Keep Guest's Children Occupied During The Wedding With Our Wedding Busy Bags!

If you choose to allow guests to bring their children to your wedding, you're going to have to think of a way of keeping the children occupied during the ceremony and the party afterwards. One such way is using wedding activity bags!

How you choose to keep the little ones occupied depends on how many little ones (and how little those little ones are) are attending your wedding. Here are a few ideas that you could use to keep the little ones entertained at your wedding!

  • Pre-Filled Wedding Activity Bags. Also known as wedding busy bags; these are similar to party bags given out to children at the end of birthday parties. These bags could be given to children at the start of the wedding reception and contain various gifts and activities to keep the children busy at the wedding, allowing the grownups to relax and enjoy themselves.We have a fantastic selection of wedding activity bags to choose from including both standard bags and deluxe bags! Choose from fun bags such as our Seriously Silent Wedding Busy Bag and our Deluxe Kakuro Wedding Busy Bag!

  • A Large Game Of Four In A Row! Another great way to entertain the children. Four in a row is a very simple game to understand and choosing a bigger version of the game means that you don't have to worry about the smaller pieces, however it is still be advisable that parents are there to supervise their children playing the game. This game could create some nice friendly competition between different children (and their parents!) but it would also give parents who have not met before a chance to socialise whilst their children play a game of four in a row!

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt. If there will only be a small number of children present at your wedding; you could create a wedding scavenger hunt for them. Include a sheet of things to photograph and include a place to leave the camera when they are finished.You could include things such as 'a bowtie' or 'the prettiest pair of shoes' in the scavenger hunt list. This could lead to many interesting photos and who knows; maybe some of them might be included in your wedding photo album.

  • Ask Parents To Bring Something To Keep Their Child/Children Occupied. You could do this in your invitations, politely ask that any guests who are bringing children also bring something to quietly keep children occupied. Parents will likely know what best keeps their child/children occupied so by asking them to provide some form of entertainment for their child/children; you can reduce the chance that children will be disruptive at your wedding.

  • All Of The Above! Weddings are a time for family and children are a very important part of family. With wedding activity bags, a photo scavenger hunt, fun games to play and asking parents to help keep their children occupied, you can create a wedding that is fun for guests of all ages to attend!

Want To Make Your Own Wedding Busy Bags?

If you want to make your own wedding activity bags, we have a fantastic selection of party bag fillers and loot bags to choose from!

The decision regarding what to fill the bags with depends on the children attending. Indeed one of the advantages to creating your own wedding busy bags is that you can tailor each bag to each child. Here are two suggestions of what you can include in a wedding busy bag!

  • Puzzle Books! Puzzle books are fantastic ways to keep children with inquisitive minds occupied. We have a great selection of Puzzle Books to keep the children busy whilst adults enjoy the romantic occasion.
  • Colouring Activities! Colouring activities are fantastic for the more creative and artistic children attending your wedding. Including colouring pencils is a very good alternative to felt tip pens. Colouring pencils allow children to enjoy their colouring, without adults worrying about a felt tip pen ruining a beautiful dress or a stylish suit.

Should You Allow Children To Attend Your Wedding?

If you're curious as to if you should allow guests to bring children to your wedding, consider this. Many members of your family and friends might have children, and may be reluctant to attend your wedding if they have to provide childcare for their child. However, it is ultimately the decision of the Bride and Groom.

We can understand the concern of children running around disturbing others. This is why it may be a good idea to consider using wedding activity bags in order to keep the children occupied whilst the adults attending the party enjoy their evening together.

Weddings are a time for family, and for many this includes the little ones. So if you're worried about keeping the little ones entertained, browse through our range of wedding activity bags!

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