Naughty Boy's Christmas Stocking

The Naughty Boy's Christmas Stocking is an array of items for you to fill into the red felt stocking supplied. They include:

  • whoopee cushion
  • 2 glow in the dark eyeball jet balls
  • smiley punch balloon
  • glow in the dark glasses
  • Chinese finger trap - this replaces the teeth and more details may be seen below
  • magic wall-walking man
  • box of Fun Snaps (little nuggets of explosive, throw them onto a hard surface to make them 'snap' - loved by kids but please note that adult supervision is required and they are not for sale to persons under 16 years)
  • bouncy putty
  • optional sweets

To ensure everything reaches you in pristine condition we pack the stocking contents separately from the stocking. It will take you seconds to fill the stocking, ready to thrill the lucky recipient.

Naughty Boy's Christmas Stocking


£6.80 each
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Baby & Under 3
Young Child
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Tweens & Teens