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Kapow! Boom! Pow! Party Bag
£1.30 each
Vroom Vroom Party Bag
£1.40 each
Sea life Party Bag
£1.40 each
Traditional Fun Party Bag
£1.40 each
Simply Soccer Party Bag
£1.50 each
Filled Super Hero Loot Bag
£1.50 each
Prehistoric Party Bag
£1.60 each
Transport Party Bag
£1.60 each
Farm Animals Party Bag
£1.60 each
Miniatures Party Bag
£1.60 each
Planes, Trains & Automobiles Party Bag
£1.60 each
Super Hero Action Party Bag
£1.60 each
Shiny Gold Super Hero Party Bag
£1.70 each
Creepy Critters Party Bag
£1.70 each
Bath Time Funtastic Party Bag
£1.70 each
Fairytale and Scribble Party Bag
£1.70 each
Sealife Sticker Party Bag
£1.70 each
Noah's Ark Sticker Party Bag
£1.70 each
Jungle Sticker Party Bag
£1.70 each
Dinosaur Sticker Party Bag
£1.70 each
Football Sticker Party Bag
£1.70 each
Farm Sticker Party Bag
£1.70 each
Pirate Sticker Party Bag
£1.70 each
Wildlife Sticker Party Bag
£1.70 each
Filled Party Bags

Wide Selection of Pre Filled Party Bags

Whether it’s through demands on your time or if you’re having trouble choosing the right toys, games and sweets to go in your party bags – then we can help, as we’re All About Party Bags!

We stock over 1000 pre filled party bags in various ranges, in all age, price and gender brackets. Have a particular idea for your party that you’d like to match your gift bags to? Our comprehensive range of themes has you covered – from dinosaurs to princesses, superheroes to fairytales, make-up to magic sets; we have something for everyone.

Our products have been sourced from the best-quality party suppliers in order to give you such a wide variety of choice. So regardless of your requirements, we are able to meet them – even if you need your party bags as soon as possible. If you make a purchase from us before 2 pm, your order will be dispatched on the same day.

So please feel free to scroll through our readymade party bags to find the perfect gift for your guests to take home.

Our Selection of Pre Filled Party Bags

If your party does indeed have a particular theme, we have sourced and created a large selection of items that fit perfectly into a party bag. Regardless of gender or age, these high-quality gift bag fillers will keep your attendees entertained, even long after the party has finished. Any great party is one that you can remember and so the inclusion of great-quality party bags will help your attendees to remember the fun they had whilst attending your event!

The pre filled party bags sections we have includes:

Party Bags For Girls

Hosting a girly party? No matter if the theme is unicorns, princesses, butterflies, farm animals or anything else, we have a great deal of cute and colourful party bags for girls. Amongst our wide and varied selection of girls party bags, you’ll also find activity books, art and craft kits, jewellery making kits, makeover sets and much more!

Boys Party Bags

If you’re hosting a party for boys, then we have a theme for them – from cars, football, superheroes, aliens and monsters. Choose from themed party bags that contain toys, games and activities, such as yo-yos, balloons, stick-on tattoos, puzzle books, joke sets and much more!

Unisex Party Gift Bags

For any party that has a mix of genders, we have a great selection of pre filled party bags to suit a range of budgets. No matter the ages involved, impress them with loot bags containing stationery packs, game sets, magic sets, tasty sweets, animal masks and much more!

Choose All About Party Bags For High Quality Party Gifts

We absolutely understand just how important it is to ensure that every single aspect is planned right for when you’re arranging things to provide a fun environment for children. All About Party Bags is a family business that has grown from being a small shop in a Northamptonshire children’s play centre to now being one of the UK’s largest providers of pre filled party bags and children’s party accessories.

Our business has been built on the same philosophy of honesty, integrity, and dedication to customer service and satisfaction. Quite simply, with us, you can choose your ideal gift bags that would further help to create a fantastic birthday party for your child; keeping them occupied, safe AND having fun, even long after the party is over!

Enjoy browsing our range of party bags – if you have any questions about anything you see on our website or even need any advice on hosting your own party, our friendly customer support team are always on hand to help. Get in touch with us through our dedicated contact page

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