I am Nit a Loser Party Bag

The I am Nit a Loser Party Bag is an emoji loot bag filled with:

  • I am Nit a Loser - winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, reviewed by The Guardian as 'Hugely enjoyable surreal chaos' and smell checked by Jim Smith! It's perfect for readers aged 7-10 years. It was extremely popular during World Book Day and we've been given the opportunity to re-introduce it.
  • groan tube - irritating and immensely fun!
  • Chinese finger trap - dare somebody to insert a finger into each end of the tube. They will struggle and pull to get their fingers out, but all this does is make the weave painlessly grip their fingers tighter! Releasing them is easy! Gently push the trap at both ends to make it shorter and fatter again
  • optional sweets

Rather fun and a little mischievous!

I am Nit a Loser Party Bag

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