Keyrings, Charms & Purses Party Bag Fillers

If you’re putting together a party bag for a children’s birthday party, keyrings, charms and purses are a great idea. Our collection of party bag fillers includes a wide selection of all three. Choose from different designs, including football, cute animals, smiley faces and more. Browse the budget-friendly range below, or narrow down your results using the advanced search option.


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Little Smiley Squeeze Face
£0.30 each
Beaded Purse
£0.40 each
Flip Flop Key Ring
£0.40 each
Metal Football key Ring
£0.45 each
Cow Keyring
£0.50 each
6 Loom Twister Charms
£0.60 each
Best Friend Forever Set
£0.60 each
Mr Duck Key Ring
£0.60 each
Cool Dude Tinted Glasses
£0.75 each
Wooden Animal Key Ring
£0.90 each
Metal Ocean Bound Charms
£0.95 each
Paris or London Purse
£0.95 each
Polka Dot Clip Purse
£0.95 each
Chinese Popper Purse
£1.20 each
Clare Clown Fish Purse
£1.25 each
Sock Purse

Sock Purse


£1.40 each
Love Bug Bumble Bee Purse
£1.50 each
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22 items
per page