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Unisex Party Bag Fillers

In this post we show you how to use easy party bag filler ideas to beat the budget and create hassle free perfect party bags for your celebration!  Furthermore we will identify our most popular kids party bag fillers to help you choose your favours. As with every success story, planning and structure is key. One of the biggest parts of organising a kids birthday party is deciding on what to put in your party bags and we are here to help.  Being creative with bespoke party bags is an extra special way of throwing a birthday party that is truly unique.

It’s all in the planning!

It’s all in the planning and the time you spend planning will more than make up for itself when it comes to the time you would otherwise spend deliberating over how and what to fill your bags with.

There are so many different party bag filler options that you can include in a party bag for children.  For example, toys, sweets, activity books and bubbles to name but a few. When considering which items to include it can be helpful to consider the following:

  1. Are you going to have a theme?
  2. What is your budget? Set yourself an amount for each guest and stick to it!
  3. What is the age group of your party guests?
  4. Are you going to make your own bespoke bags or purchase one of our ready-made bags?
  5. How many fillers do you plan to include in each bag?
Swizzle Chew sweets
Boys party bag fillers
Neon Party Bubble Tube

Themed Party Bag Fillers

We have a variety of party products available in an abundance of themes.  All About Party Bags has created entire ranges surrounding the most popular party themes.  On our site you will find not only themed party bag fillers but also games, party bags and tableware to compliment any chosen theme.  Superhero, Unicorn, Pirate, Princess, Football and Smiley Emoji are the most popular choices.  Other options include zoo, jungle, fairies and army.   Should you be looking for fillers outside these ranges you will find an abundance of alternatives to choose from along with plenty of empty party bags, boxes and cones to accompany them. 

If you can’t decide what to add to your bag within your given theme, then head to our themed ready-filled bags.  Depending on the time of the year seasonal themes can be an easy option, Easter, Christmas and Halloween provide endless opportunities.

Easy Party Bag Filler Ideas

If you are making your own party bags and are unsure what to include the following fillers are guaranteed to pull in the crowds.  Consider adding the following items to transform a plain old party bag into a magical treasure trove.   We recommend 5 small fillers per bag which may include sweets and bubbles.  However, this number may vary considerably depending on what you include.  For example if you are adding a higher value or larger item, this will dramatically reduce the number of goodies in the bag.

These are amongst our most frequently ordered party bag fillers.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos are budget friendly, come in a huge range of themes and are loved by children and adults alike.  Many a dinner party has added a little spark by providing guests with a tattoo to adorn.  Single Smiley Tattoos are a firm favourite because of their wide appeal factor.  Currently our Easter tattoos are proving popular as they make a fabulous addition to Easter hunts.  Unicorn, Dinosaur and Superhero tattoos are also amongst our best sellers.

Colouring Activity items and Stickers

These could be colouring activities; crayons and sticker activity books work wonders and make an easy party bag come to life.  You could even consider handing these out at the beginning of the party and turning it into an activity to keep your guests occupied before playing party games and eating.  Everyone loves a sheet of stickers, and the themes are endless.  Space sticker sheets are all the rage right now!  Jigsaws and puzzles are also a great option.


Bouncy balls are always an easy party bag filler option and remain a firm favourite for goodie bags. They are a toy loved by children of many ages and a few adults as well! With a bouncy ball you can play many different games and keep children entertained whilst the grownups enjoy a moment to relax

Small toys

Small toys and games off the perfect opportunity to say thank you to your party guests.  The choice on our site provides endless options, this could be a great way of involving the birthday child in the plan.  Let them browse our site and select a few of their favourite items, you can guarantee that if they like them the lucky recipients will too.  Puzzles, accessories, pocket games, musical instruments, such as recorders and whistles, gliders, yo yo’s, cars, stationery and books are ever popular.

 Sweets & Bubbles

Sweets & bubbles are the last thing to add, a fruit lolly, Swizzler chews and love hearts and ideal additions.  Add the final touch with a neon tube of bubbles, magic touchable bubbles or a bubble pop.

Eco-friendly toys

As people become more environmentally conscious many of our customers are turning towards eco-conscious party bag options.  Fill a recyclable paper party bag with eco-friendly contents.  Packs of pencils, eco-friendly jungle animal or unicorn 3d puzzles and colour your own jigsaws (unicorn or smiley) are a good option!

Space Stickers
Neon Headband
Bouncy Ball

Ready Filled Bags and additional Party Bag Fillers

Once you have chosen all your items, all that is left to do is place your order. You can ask us to fill your party bags with your chosen fillers in the ‘Order Notes section’ on the checkout page.  Filling bags can be a time-consuming task, by asking us to do it for you, you will give yourself the gift on time to spend on other preparations.  Perhaps you will find a ready-filled option and want to add some extra items, we are more than happy to add these to any ready-made bag you may select.

Pick and Mix Options 

 Pick and Mix options are a fun way of letting your younger party guests make their own preferences.  This is also a great way to fill in a little time!  Provide everyone with their own plain recyclable bag and crayons to make their bags bespoke.  Have a choice of 10 different easy party bag fillers and let the children pick the 5 that they like most.

We hope that this post will have helped make your party one to remember.  If you want more inspiration on individual themes then make sure you keep checking out the posts on our site.  The next post to be published will focus on Football themed parties shortly followed by Unicorn!

If you are interested in party bags for your child's birthday party, come to All About Party Bags! Over the years we have created a wide variety of goodie bags suitable for children of various ages; from babies to teens! With a fantastic choice of goodie bag products including party bags and party bag fillers, we can help you to create a fantastic selection of goodie bags to give out at the end of your child's birthday party.

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