Eco-Friendly Party Bag Fillers

Environmental concerns are growing, and children, being the future of our world, can be the ones to make things better for us. But it can only happen if we help lead the way and that includes everything – even parties. Teach kids the value and importance of keeping the environment safe with these party bag ideas.

Party bag fillers and party bags and are a big part of any kid’s party.  They can help to remove the burden of coming up with fun activities to enjoy during the party or serve as a reminder of a fabulous celebration, after the event.  So, if you want the party to have an eco-friendly appeal, you can check out these eco-friendly and eco conscious party ideas. They are plastic-free, amazing, and creative, and they will help you, to help your child understand the value of keeping the environment clean and green.

Eco Parent and Child

What makes a great Eco-friendly party filler?

One thing that makes eco-friendly party fillers such a hit among children and adult parties is that they can last for a long time. The rising consciousness towards the ecosystem has driven people to automatically make choices that align with the environment. And if you don’t particularly want to spend a lot of money on them, you can tap into that DIY ideology and develop great eco-friendly party filler ideas yourself. Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started on the right foot.

Garden Seeds Kit

Growing your own garden, watching seeds turn into plants and picking your vegetables for lunch is a popular option,  seeds in gift boxes make a fabulous and budget friendly choice.  We love this this site Gardening for Kids which has everything you need to start you off. If you want to go all-in with the eco-friendly theme, you can pop to a garden centre and grab some seeds, sun-flowers, cress and tomato seeds make a popular choice. Put them into one of our rainbow designed paper party bags and you have created a party bag, and contents, that will be cherished long after the party has finished.

Reusable and Washable Bags

If you want your party bags to be more environmentally conscious, you can consider plastic alternatives to packing them in.  Our colour in boxes are a popular choice,  add some pencils and you have a party time filling activity too.  An equally eco-friendly bag filler is the real deal!  These bags are non-plastic and come with a wide variety of assorted designs.  We also offer plain ones in white and brown too which you can let your guests colour in and add their own names to personalise their bespoke party bag.

Rainbow Paper Bag
Party Box
Emoji Party Bag with Sticker

Recycled Paper Mask

Want to go even bigger when it comes to party bag fillers? Go with the paper masks and make your own,  KinderART has a fun one. These gender-neutral party bag fillers are great for playtime. Provide your little party-goers with crayons so they can colour and draw patterns on this mask according to their needs.  Card masks are now available in an abundance of designs,  we have Unicorns, Superheroes, Monsters, Pirates amongst others on our site.   Another option could be a colour-in wooden mask available in Pirate and Princess designs to suit all tastes.

Make your own Bird Cage

If you are looking for a bag filler that has got more style and really stimulates the creative bones of your kids, we love this DIY paper birdcage from Project Kid. Fill it with birds aplenty, this elegant birdcage is a fabulous party activity and makes great decorations too.

Eco-Friendly Activities

Wooden jigsaws, activity books and colouring pencils make fabulous fillers and when packed into a paper bag they become a far healthier choice for everyone.  We have taken the liberty of doing the job for you with our jungle eco-filled party bag,  alternatively your party people may prefer the unicorn option.  Both of these come complete with a colour your own jigsaw and a DIY 3D model, all packed in their own eco friendly envelope.

Home Based Biscuits

Not all parties have to be about doing activities. Children will have a lot more fun when they have sweets, too – something that you can provide them with using home-baked biscuits. Back before time and let them freeze. Wrap them inside an edible translucent wrap and then put them inside the bag fillers. The oil won’t spill, and your party won’t spoil. It is one little bag filler that you can add to your traditional eco-friendly bag fillers.  An alternative to this would be to pre-measure the main ingredients,  pack them up with recipes and slip them into a paper party bag to take home.

Wooden Party Bag Fillers

Wooden Party Bag fillers are becoming increasingly popular.  You could consider a colourful wooden spinning top. These are fun for children to play with either indoors or outside,  they can see who spins for the longest?  Wooden keyrings also make a great gift,  let your child’s imagination run wild as they come up with unique ideas for hanging them from.  We also love these colourful wooden bookmarks which seem to appeal to everyone.

Origami Sets

Nothing wrong with a little bit of craft in your kid’s life. Put some origami sets inside your party bag fillers and let the ideas run wild. You can choose plenty that do not involve any cutting, there are many pre-folded origami kits in the market and you could even create your own.  Print off some online instructions and add colourful paper or wrapping paper left-overs.

Finger & Hand Puppets

If you are not sold on home baking ideas, growing your own plants, wooden spin tops, or origami, or want something that is the mix of the best experiences at the party – puppets are great.  Our wooden hand puppet is a fun item that will get plenty of use.  We also have sets of craft kits available which are great budget friendly options,  try this pack of 4 for £1.50.  There are lots of different types of puppets available and these offer another make-your-own alternative.  These can be sleek, and plain finger puppets can become different characters, letting kids role-play and collaborate whilst at the party.

Get the best party fillers in the UK

If you want to jazz up your kid’s party with some eco-friendly party bag fillers, you can go to All About Party Bags. Focus on the best kits and let your kid’s imagination do the rest for you. Eco-friendly party bags are great, but they can be greater if you have some of your creative input in them as well.

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