• perfect party bag filler
    • appliqued bib with velcro fastening
    • perfect party bag gift for little ones
    Also available in pink butterfly and blue sailor designs
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  • Item Details:

    • cutest eraser you'll ever find!
    • 5.5cm
    • 4 erasers shown at ?0.35 each
    • assorted colours so tell us who you are buying for so we can avoid pink for boys
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    • sparkle oval notepad
    • 6.5cm
    • 4 shown at just 25p each selected randomly
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    • 3 assorted colours available, e selected at random
    • 3 alice bands shown at 75p each
    Girls will love it, long haired and short haired alike!
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    • three colourful Easter designs available selected randomly
    • perfect for easter celebrations!
    • 3 shown at 1.25p each
    Browse our full Easter range
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  • Item Details:

    • cute lilac acrylic hair clips
    • 3.5cm
    • sweet in any length hair!
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