• Clare Clown Fish Purse Party Bag Item Details:

    • Clare Clown Purse - furry with a sturdy zip
    • 3 temporary sealife tattoos
    • sealife sticker sheet
    • bright cello party bag
    Don't forget to add optional sweets and bubbles to give your bags that extra special touch
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  • Sealife design loot bag contains:
    • sealife sticker activity book
    • sealife jigsaw puzzle
    • 2 x sealife tattoos
    • sealife sticker sheet
    • box of colouring pencils

    Sealife playing cards make a great addition

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  • Bright cello party bag containing:
    • packet of water bombs
    • tri-wing boomerang
    • fun snaps
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  • Teddy Carry Pack includes:
    • height chart
    • giant poster
    • colouring poster
    • 2 double sided wipe clean activity sheets
    • 2 teddy press-out door hangers
    • teddy sticker sheet
    • suitable for ages 3+
    Optional sweets and bubbles can be added to your basket  
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