Best Eco-Friendly Party Bag Fillers for Kids

While planning a child’s party might be stressful if you want to make sure that everything goes as you have envisioned it. So, it’s always a great idea to make sure that your party favours are top-notch.

When you’re in a rush for extra juice or dip, it’s easy to grab party bag fillers from the shelf at your local supermarket. But take a closer look, and you’ll notice a certain amount of parental guilt that comes with not stuffing a party bag full of big toys and tasty treats for the kids.

A few high-quality party favours are preferable to a handful of low-quality ones. So, why spend money on things that won’t be used or enjoyed at a child’s birthday party?

When it comes to going eco-friendly, it can be difficult to avoid plastic completely, as it is found in even the most environmentally conscientious decisions, for example, in packaging.

Watch out for items manufactured from sustainable and recyclable materials, products made in the UK or that encourage children to be creative, and toys that allow them to spend time outside in nature. Some of them are listed below:

1. Dino-Liscious Baking Kit

With this limited-edition kit from online stores, your kids can bake dino-licious biscuits or magical unicorn ones. A shortbread biscuit mix, a cookie-cutter, sprinkles, and an icing pen are included in the bumper pack.

Stickers and a colouring book are included to keep kids entertained once the cookies have been eaten. Easy-to-follow directions and accompanying graphics suit youngsters ages three to eight.

2. Eco-Friendly Party Bags

Individual party bags for each child’s companions may not be feasible if you’re also organising a large birthday celebration. Pre-made eco-friendly party bags are the perfect solution in such cases. If you want to personalise your gift, you can write the name of the party guest on a cardboard box that’s fully assembled. Another solution could be to buy recyclable party bags and then personalise them with names or give party-goers stickers and adornments to decorate their own. This can be made into a fun party activity that children and parents alike can participate in. For instance, an organic banana bread recipe can be included in the party box, or bags, along with a variety of seeds for growing, an activity book with 12 activities to perform, and exquisite wooden colouring pencils. One other idea is to opt for a food/gift box to fill with party favours and cake, colour-your-own is a unique option and great when teamed with crayons.

3. Wooden Toys

As long as they’re made of natural materials like wood, toys that encourage youngsters to explore the world around them in fresh ways have an ethical appeal of their own. Toys that will help to grow skills and encourage thoughtful exploration
Wooden Biff Bats are a fun way of developing hand and eye coordination. These party favours come in an abundance of designs, making them ideal for party favour bags in a variety of themes. Jigsaws made from wood and card also offer a tremendous fun and environmentally friendly offering as a party bag filler.

4. Wooden Peg Dolls And Figures

One common misconception about eco-friendly manufacturing is that it must be done on a small scale by a cottage enterprise.

Larger vendors like AllAboutPartyBags, which are often more environmentally friendly, may also have some good options if you don’t have the time to do your research. However, the price of convenience will almost always be plastic packaging.

Party bag fillers can be given an extra creative touch if you find wooden letters, blank paper fans, people figures, and peg dolls that can be customised at home.

5. Seed Bombs

Let the fluttering begin! A seed bomb tin contains 20 seed balls, enough to cover a square meter with butterfly-attracting wildflowers.

To maintain interest over the long term, a dried clay casing and a pinch of chill are used in conjunction with early and late summer flowering types such as red campion, chamomile, forget-me-not, cornflower and yarrow.

In around 4-6 weeks, kids eager for gratification will witness the rewards of their hard work; if you want, you can teach kids how to produce Ladybird Seed Bombs.  Check out this easy to follow guide from ‘School Gardening’

6. Cookie Mix

You must admit that a party bag filler that doubles as a tasty gift for kids must be a winner. Personalised cookie mixes in recycled cardboard cartons are a great alternative for children.

The mix is packaged in polypropylene plastic, which is recyclable and meets the standards of the European Environmental Commission (EEC). However, it is now a necessary evil to keep the mix fresh.

For the time being, kids may care that the cookies are tasty and fun to make, but they are securing their future by making these decisions now.

7. Origami Party Loot Box

With an interest in paper crafts and the ability to build the boxes themselves, most kids will find origami particularly adorable (or you can make them while you watch your favourite TV shows).
These are perfect for little treasure items like plastic-free lollipops and chocolates. Bulk stores often include enormous chocolate-covered freeze-dried strawberries and seaweed and rice treats.

8. Mini Food Containers

It’s quite fine to utilise jars or containers that you’ve collected over the year for an eco-friendly party bad. It is advisable to avoid putting glass jars in the hands of small children, as they’re prone to breaking when they’re knocked over. If you want to use containers in place of party bags, ensure they are BPA-free and food-safe.

9. Ice-Cream Cones

Ice-cream cones can be used as a zero-waste alternative to traditional party bags. They can be made by the kids and stuffed with goodies before being topped with a few marshmallows.
Bulky products like marshmallows make it difficult to serve a large amount of sugar at a party, and parents may be even more appreciative.

10. Party Bag In A Cup

The use of throwaway plastic cups at gatherings is probably out of the question if you’re concerned about the environment.

Even kids who don’t like cleaning up after themselves are eager to wash their party cups when they know they will be loaded with sweets when they go home. Keep in mind the age of the children and do not give them a large sugary cup to take home.  Alternatively use this inspirational idea from YouTube to enable your guests to use their paper cup for a 10 minute chocolate cake!

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