Best Halloween Party Ideas for Everyone

This year’s Halloween is going to be different. The world is nearly open, and people are ready to show off their swanky thematic outfits and have fun. On the other hand, you have kids with crazy party bags ready to go out there and grab all the treats. But there is one thing missing from this recipe – A Halloween party.

A perfect Halloween party is the life of this festival. It will need to be spooky and memorable, stylish but bizarre, and most importantly, fun.

So, here we are, the best Halloween party ideas you can use to add more life – and spookiness – to your Halloween party.

Spooktacular Party Bag

Halloween Party Ideas for Children

Let us take care of the kids first because while adults pursue fashion and alcohol, kids go for candies and innocent, sweet stuff that makes them feel great. But if you want your kids to have more, crank the spook and fun factor to the max with these five Halloween party ideas for children.

Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

Remember Tic-Tac-Toe, a game we played as a kid and won every time by knowing exactly which place to put the X or the O first? Here is a pumpkin spin to it.

Take small pumpkins, tape Xs and Os on them, create a tic-tac-toe board on the table and let the fun begin. How about making it spookier? Turn off the lights and let the grin of the jack-o’-lantern be the first thing in their sights. It is a fun game with not much creativity involved. But don’t mistake it for being simple. It is also lots of fun.  You could even get your guests to make their own carve-free jack-o-lanterns with pumpkins, a selection of markers, some craft paper and some glue.  We love this no-carve-pumpkin idea on YouTube

Pass the Skeleton Bone Race

This unique race idea for kids and teens makes the sports spookier and more entertaining. Take a plastic skeleton bone and a ball of yarn. Attach the bone to the yarn by making a knot at one end of the bone, then make teams of four or more.  When you are ready yell go; starting with the first player slide the skeleton bone up one sleeve of their arm, across and down their other sleeve.  Then hand it to the next player to do the same until all players are connected by yarn.  The first team successfully connected with yarn and the last player holding the skeleton bone is the winner.

It is kid-friendly for various age groups, uncomplex, and fun. It has charm, and you can quickly get skull-bone party bags to let the games begin.

Pumpkin Golf

There is nothing like going to a putt-putt golf course and trying your trick shots to get the score by putting the ball in the hole. Hollow out a pumpkin, make a hole, and let the games begin.

Take a sheet of paper, and place one end in the pumpkin’s mouth and the other at the starting point. Start playing and watch as you put a hole in one to feel the balls to your pumpkin. Simple and versatile words for this party idea, and it won’t take much time for you to put them together.

Spooky Musical Chairs

Here are musical chairs with a twist. Grab your chairs, line them up, and place skeletons on them. Start playing spooky Halloween songs, and let the games begin. As far as the spook factor goes, this game is the best. And there is enough creepy- but kid-friendly music to go around; there is no way you’ll lose at this party.

Pass the Parcel

 If you’re searching for a game to play at a children’s party, pass the parcel is a fantastic choice. This awesome party game can work for a wide variety of themes, just choose some appropriate music, make the parcel(s) and you’re ready to play this awesome party game.  However, if you’re concerned about having enough time to make the parcel, don’t worry. At All About Party Bags, we have a fantastic selection of readymade pass the parcels to choose from, including our ready-made Halloween Pass the Parcel which has lots of fun-themed surprises inside!

Best Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

It is time to let the adults slay while the kids are busy with play. We thought we could throw in a few adult Halloween party ideas too!  Swanky, stylish, good food and great times are the themes.  After all, don’t forget, Halloween is for everyone and if you are organising a party with a mixture of children and adults these may come in handy.

Murder Mystery Party

Everyone loves a good murder mystery, but when you add it to the spookiness of Halloween, the “who did it” game becomes better to a whole another level.  If you have kids and adults at your celebration, you could organise a murder mystery game where each family works as a team in order to solve the ‘whodunnit’ mystery. If you’re considering playing a murder mystery game at the party, make sure to get an accurate guest count in advance so that you can organise a fun murder mystery for your guests to enjoy.

Start working on the story today to handle things better when the games begin. But if you don’t have time, go to Pinterest and grab one storyline. Once you have set the story, time to create the ambience – through the right decor. If your murder mystery features Victorian London, add some steampunk-inspired glitz to your lawn or in your home to get started. Tell those who come dressed in fedoras, suspenders, and suits. Let your imagination run wild but keep it coherent.

Haunted Forest

Do you want to go all-out with Halloween decorations? Choose a Haunted house Halloween party. You can get super crafty with simple stuff, too – from oatmeal containers to paper tree silhouettes. And if you want to go bigger and let your inner “Hitchcock” out, go with taxidermied crows and greeneries to give your haunted forest a bit more style. Mason jar lanterns will add that dim lightening effect, and the crows will add spookiness. Grab a recorder and start playing horror screams on a loop if you want to level that up.  Kids will love helping you create your spooky decorations!

Ghoul’s Night in

Let us twist girls’ night out with something to add a flare of bonding and relaxation. Everyone can dress up and bring their sweets to this party. All you need to do is have the right decoration in and around the house – especially in your main hall, where you keep a large screen. Let the Halloween classics play. Choose between Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare in Elm street. A surprising list, but since your kids will be having their own party, no one is stopping you from watching some gory slasher flicks.

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