10 Essential Christmas Party Bag Fillers

Twinkling lights, shopping for presents, selecting the perfect turkey - there's no better time of year than Christmas.

Throwing your kids and their friends a festive party is the perfect way to get into the spirit of things and spread a little joy. However, you might be feeling a bit stuck about what to put in the party bags.

From masks to stickers there are lots of Christmassy themed gift to choose from that children will love. We consider some of the best.

Jolly Christmas Tattoo - All About Party Bags

Jolly Christmas Tattoo

These Jolly tattoos are an ideal Christmas party bag filler. They come in 12 festive designs so there should be something different for everyone. All you have to do place them against the skin, wet thoroughly and press down hard for twenty seconds. They look like the real thing, but luckily, unlike the real thing, they come off with a good scrub!

Santa or Xmas Penguin Mask - All About Party Bags

Santa or Penguin Christmas Masks

These Santa and penguin masks are a great way to get everyone feeling festive. Kids love dressing up and these masks let them easily transform into a Christmas character. Made from durable Styrofoam they can be used at multiple Christmas parties!

Christmas Colouring Book - All About Party Bags

Christmas Colouring Book

Is there anything kids love more than colouring? A colouring book makes the perfect addition to any party bag and is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. This Christmassy version will get them feeling festive, and adding in some colouring pencils will complete the treasure haul.

Jolly Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle - All About Party Bags

Jolly Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Perhaps one of the oldest and most simple forms of game on the market, the good old jigsaw puzzle certainly hasn't gone out of style. Featuring Christmas characters such as Santa, these puzzles are bound to go down well during the festive season. Their parents will thank you too - they're a great way to keep them occupied on Christmas day!

Christmas Antics Spinning Top - All About Party Bags

Christmas Antics Spinning Top

Do you remember these from childhood? Pretty much everyone has played with a spinning top at some point in their lives, and they provide some good old fashioned fun. Simply let them go and watch them whizz round like magic. They come in a range of festive designs.

Jolly Christmas Stickers - All About Party Bags

Jolly Christmas Stickers

These jolly Christmas stickers will be adorning diaries, note pads and folders in schools for weeks after you give them out. Kids will love sticking them everywhere- just hopefully not on the walls or chairs! The festive designs will add a Christmassy touch to even the dullest work book.

Christmas Car Eraser - All About Party Bags

Christmas Car Eraser

All the coolest kids will have these car erasers in their stationary sets. The little characters come in festive packaging and will be a fun addition to your child's pencil case. The best thing is that they do have a useful function!

Jolly Christmas Yo-Yo - All About Party Bags

Jolly Christmas Yo-Yo

Remember when yo-yos were all the rage and all the kids were trying to learn tricks? The classic toy is experiencing something of a come-back, and with so many tricks to learn they provide endless fun. These festive themed versions are a great addition to Christmas party bags.

Christmas Pencil with Eraser - All About Party Bags

Christmas Pencil with Eraser

Help your children give their pencil case a Christmas makeover with these themed pencils. They come topped with either a Santa or a snowman, and should be in stationary sets for months to come! The perfect combination of useful and fun.

Jolly Christmas Cracker - All About Party Bags

Jolly Christmas Cracker

There's nothing more Christmassy than a Christmas cracker, and they're the perfect final addition to your festive party bag. These small sized versions come in assorted designs and contain a snap, hat and joke. All that's left to do is to find a partner to pull them with!

These 10 essential Christmas party bag fillers are bound to go down well with the kids and spread a little festive joy. By choosing a wide selection of gifts you should be able to find something that everyone will love.

Alternatively, our ready-made party bags and Christmas stockings do all the hard work for you!

Have you used any of these fillers at your Christmas party? Let us know in the comments.

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