Football Party Bags and party ideas

A football party is a must especially it you have a little Kane or Messi at home, a party inspired by the beautiful game will be a winning goal. What better time than now to throw a football party?  With football mania kicking off as UEFA Euro 2024 starts here are some ideas for a lively and spirited celebration to beat no other!  Make sure you are ahead of the game with these fabulous ideas.

Football party bags, games and activity options are aplenty and with this popular trending party theme the potential is endless.   Football themed parties are a fabulous theme for kids, and parents alike.  We have got everything covered to help you throw a celebration to remember.  Our extensive range includes football party bags and party bag fillers.  Our range is guaranteed to keep the footy fun going long after the final whistle has been blown on your party.

Football Ticket Invitations

Before you throw your party, you will of course need to send out the invites. We love this football ticket invitation download.  These invites will set the mood for your celebration.  As a result you lucky guests will feel as though they are heading to a real match!

Football Party Food

Classic game day snacks double up as the perfect party food.  Hot-dogs, burgers, pizza, chips and popcorn! You could give each child a personalised water bottle which will also make the perfect party favour to take home. Another great touch is a show-stopping football cake which can make a great centre piece for the table.  You could even have it decorated with the birthday boy or girl’s favourite team colours.  Alternatively finish it all off with football decorated cup-cakes or cookies and hand them out with the goodie bags!

Football Games & Activities

Kick things off with some games, we have plenty of ideas for you!  From an impromptu kick about in the garden or park to a themed ready-made Pass the Parcel.  Grab yourself some of our gold prize medals to hand out to the winners.

Football Match

The most obvious activity is a football match.  Split the kids (and parents) into teams, set up two goals and let them burn off some energy with a friendly game.

Football Obstacle Course

Use cones, or any suitable household items will do, and set up a relay course with a goalpost at the end. Split the kids into teams and the first team to have every member dribble a ball around the cones and shoot into the goal wins.  There are many variations that can be used for this game, set up different obstacles, create targets to shoot at or make-up accuracy challenges.  Let your party guests come up with their own ideas, kids are great at deriving their own games once the seed is sown!

Penalty Shoot Out

Split the kids into teams and put an adult in goal. Each child gets two attempts to score and the team that gets the most balls into the net wins.

Pin the Football on the Goalpost

A variation on the traditional favourite, pin the tail on the donkey. Blindfold the kids, spin them around and see who can pin a football to the post.

Football Trivia Quiz

Prepare some age-appropriate questions or use this quiz we found online from Guess the football player.  This quiz is created especially for kids and includes questions about famous players, football teams and a whole range of other questions related to football.  Use small football party bag fillers as prizes; football tattoos make always a popular choice.

Football Party Bags

Handing out some football themed party bags at the end of the event is a great way to thank everyone for coming. These will provide an extra reminder of the fun they have had.  Everyone gets to take home a little piece of the action!

The first thing to do is select your party bag ready for filling.  Football Paper Party Bag’s are a popular plastic-free option with a run design and handles.  Alternatively, you may be looking for a themed loot bag which we offer in 3 assorted designs.  If it is a plain bag you are looking for we have the very thing.  Our plain coloured cello bags may be the very thing, blue, red and yellow are frequently used!

Football Party Bag Fillers

The next step is to fill your bags with exciting goodies, below we have listed our top 5 football themed party bag fillers to help guide you:

  1. Football Tattoos
  2. Football Jigsaw Puzzle
  3. Football Pinball Game
  4. Football Pencil
  5. Football Bouncy Ball

We have a huge football themed range for you to browse; alternatively you can always opt for one of our ready filled bags instead.

Football Whistle on Lanyard
Smiley Soft Ball

Football Filled Party Bags

Once the day’s activities have come to a close, end the party in style with our amazing selection of footy themed party bags.  With whistles, puzzles and stickers galore, the kids will love the kit they find inside.

We fill the bags for you to arrive at your door ready for handing straight out to your party guests.  If you wish to add extra items, just put them into your basket, add a message to the notes section, and we will do the rest.  Popular additions to our filled bags are swizzle chews and tattoos.

These fillers are guaranteed to keep the football spirit alive even after your party has ended.

Football Party Bag
Football Crazy Party Bag
Football Fun Party Bag

Football Party Accessories

On our site you will find plenty of accessories to add some flair such as party hats or perhaps a themed pass the parcel is more up your street. Winners medals are a great way to add some friendly competition, and whistles and football rattles will bring out cheers and excitement from your guests.

Football Ready Made Pass the Parcel

Our football pass the parcel is a great way time filling activity and with a prize in every layer you can guarantee there is a surprise in store for everyone.  This game is available in layers of 10, 15 or 20 depending on the number of party guests you have. Should you have invited more kids than this we suggest ordering two and having a couple of games going at the same time.  Play some football songs in keeping with the overall theme,  this fabulous playlist from RadioX provides 10 of the top uplifting football songs.

Winner's Medal
Football Pass the Parcel
Football Cone Hat

We hope that this post will have helped make your party one to remember.  If you want more inspiration on individual themes, then make sure you return to our site on a frequent basis.  The next post to be published will focus on Unicorn themed parties!  Keep checking our site for inspiration for the next party you throw.

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