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Easter Deluxe Party Bag

Easter party bag fillers can be used for an array of Easter activities and celebrations. Heading into March means it’s time to hop into the spirit of Easter.  You can start to get creative with fun and exciting ideas for the holidays ahead.  Easter is a popular time to spend with family and friends, and a perfect opportunity for everyone to come together.

So start preparing your Easter bash now.  Are you planning a family fiestas, school shindigs, or just chill days at home?  You will love our fun Easter party bag filler ideas for whichever one of these it is.  Here are some ideas to add extra fun to your Easter celebrations and put our Easter Party Bag Fillers to good use. Moreover, these are ideal for Easter hunts, game prizes, Easter party favours, and Easter themed activities. Swap the classic baskets for our Easter Paper Party Bags for a fresh twist!  Next, fill them with chocolate goodies and extra special treats or perhaps plan a hunt and let your guests fill them with treats from the Easter Bunny!

Easter Hunt

You could consider throwing a party and incorporate an Easter hunt into the occasion. Chocolate eggs mixed with some of our themed party bag fillers will help make the hunt a memorable one. You could even add some of our Champagne Bubbles to add a little fizz to the occasion!

Easter Egg Hunts are a fun addition to any Easter celebration and help to mark the arrival of spring.  And remember that everyone can be included in this activity from toddlers through to Grandparents.    Don’t forget to provide Easter bags for your party guests to put their goodies in!  Hide eggs and small gifts around your home, garden or the park and watch as everyone searches for their treats.  Make your Easter egg-stravaganza extra special with our Easter stickers or add some fun by adding a few yellow rubber ducks (chicks) to the hunt.

If you are hosting a large group of people, these hunts are easily transformed into team games.  You can split people into teams and award prizes for a variety of achievements.  Perhaps you could hide riddles leading towards a big prize all can share?  Alternatively, you could hand out prizes for the team who find the most eggs or a special egg perhaps.

Our party bag fillers make fabulous prizes that don’t have to be Easter themed, the Smiley Face range is especially popular for a wide range of people.

Easter Paper Party Bag
Easter Tattoos

Outdoor Activities

If the weather is favourable you could consider incorporating and egg hunt into a family walk.  What better way to motivate the most reluctant walker than by adding a little treasure to find along the route.  The odd chocolate egg hidden behind a tree can provide some much-needed energy.

If you add some extra goodies selected from our Party Bag Fillers you might manage a longer walk than you were expecting!

Easter themed crafts

You will also find Party Bag Fillers on our site that you can use for all crafting activities. You could get super creative and encourage your guests to make their own Easter treats!  We found these inspiring  crafting activity ideas from Martha Stewart which we think you will love.  The options are endless for Easter themed crafts.

For instance you could set up a crafting station and include bunny masks, tissue paper, glue, chicks and stickers.  Perhaps everyone could make props like bunny ears and noses and set up a photo booth. Alternatively, you could use one of our Spring Animal Plate Mate crafting kits and make a bunny or chick!

Easter Stickers
Spring Animal Paper Mates Crafts
Yellow Easter Chick

Easter Themed Party Bag Fillers

We hope you can use some of these ideas to help to make your Easter one to remember. The All About Party Bags online store has a fantastic selection of treats, small gifts and crafting items.  You can use these to create your own gift bags to hand out at the end of the celebrations.  Easter jigsaws, mazes, activity books, stationery, tatooos and masks.  Furthermore, you will find some cute accessories that can be worn to mark the occasion, Easter Boppers, Rabbit hair clips or maybe a neon headband to add some colour to the party.

If you are stuck for some fun things to do then head over to our blog on Easter Themed Party Games and Activities for further inspiration.

In conclusion we hope that this blog helps you to create memories with your families and friends.  We wish you all a very happy Easter!

Easter Deeley Bopper
Neon Headband
Chick Balloon Kit

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