Easter Themed Party Games and Activities

Easter Themed Party

With Easter around the corner what better time than now to start thinking about your Easter Themed Party Games and Activities, party bags and the party bag fillers.  If you are looking for fun Easter party games and activities, food ideas and inspirational party favours,  you have come to the right place.  Create lasting memories and bring some joy to the occasion with the following ideas.

Easter is a fantastic time to throw a children’s party and bring family and friends together!  Use our inspirational ideas for this ready-made theme, add some fabulous party bag fillers and you are set.

We can help you to create the perfect party bags.  Lay the table with a selection of delicious snacks, plan some fun games and activities and end the day by giving your guests the perfect party bags.  Easter themes such as bunnies, chicks, eggs and chocolate provide endless potential to create the perfect celebration.

When is Easter this year?

Easter falls on Sunday the 31st of March this year; the date changes each year and is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon of March.

It isn’t that far away and whilst it may feel as though there is a lot to do, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to organising a fantastic Easter party for your children.  With school holidays surrounding this celebration it is a convenient time to host a party without the normal school term limitations

Party Food ideas

There are lots of delicious and fun food options you can add to the festivities.  Include a good selection of both savoury and sweet options.  Below we have lists some of our favourites.

Chick and Bunny-Shaped Sandwiches are a winner.  Use cookie cutters to create the shapes, children will love doing this for you, and then add your favourite fillings.  Another simple recipe you could consider are Chocolate Rice Crispy Cakes;  these remain a popular choice because everyone can get involved.  Use this fabulous and easy to make recipe from BBC Good Food and leave the kids to decorate them with treats such as mini-eggs, jelly beans, sprinkles and coloured icing.

Easter themed cutters are not only useful for sandwiches, you can also use them for creating Easter themed cookies, you could even turn this into a party activity and have your party guests decorate their own.  Include a few carrot and cucumber sticks for your little bunnies to nibble on and you are set.

Other items you could consider adding are hot cross buns, mini eggs or even bowls full of chocolate coins.

Easter Party Food
chocolate coin
Chocolate Krispy Cakes

Easter Themed Party Games and Activities

In addition to some tasty treats, you’ll need some fun activities and games for the party.   From egg hunts to Easter-themed crafts there are plenty of ways to keep the party goers occupied.

Party Games

You could keep things simple with an egg and spoon race and other outdoor party games if the weather is nice.  Bunny hop races or sack races are active options that will keep everyone busy and happy.

In case of rain though it is always good to be prepared and have a back-up plan up your sleeve.  Checkout our Easter ready wrapped Pass the Parcel,  we have plenty of others options available should you want to select an alternative theme.

Egg Hunts

These are a firm favourite with everyone, give each guest an Easter bag which they can fill up with eggs and other goodies.. In addition to chocolate eggs you could hide some chicks and Easter themed tattoos; other small items for an exciting scavenger hunt could include mini bouncy balls, puzzles and other gifts selected from our huge range of party bag fillers.

Easter themed activities

 In addition to party games Easter lends itself to more creative activities. For example, you could enjoy a fun Easter group activity such as egg decorating, you could then use the eggs to organise egg and spoon races.  Alternatively, you could make Pom Pom Chicks; we love this idea from RedTedArt.  Furthermore you could consider setting up a crafting area with supplies for making Easter-themed crafts such as paper plate bunnies, egg carton chicks, or bunny ears headbands.

Easter Paper Party Bag
Easter Tattoos
Yellow Easter Chick

Easter Party Bags & Fillers

In addition to food and activities, you will need some awesome party bags to give to the guests at the end of the Easter celebrations.

Easter Party Bag Fillers

If you would like to create your own children’s party bags, we have a great selection of Easter themed party bag fillers to choose from.

 As well as chocolate eggs, consider items such as balloon chick kit, masks, tattoos, stickers, activity books, crayons, bouncy balls and bubbles to name a few.

Our wonderful collection of party paraphernalia includes items for boys and girls of all ages with prices to suit a wide range of budgets.  On our site you will find something for everyone.

You could also consider using our plain white recyclable party bags and personalising them by writing on the children’s names or adding Easter themed tags.  With a thoughtful selection of treats and a sprinkle of creativity, your Easter party bags are sure to be a hit with all your guests!

However, if you’re in a hurry and need to save some time, we also have a selection of ready-filled party bags to choose from.  These ideas will not break the bank and don’t forget we can even fill your bags for you, unless otherwise specified, and have them delivered party ready to your door.

Easter Deluxe Party Bag
Easter Party Bag
Easter Filled Party Bag

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