Christmas Stocking Ideas for Kids of All Ages

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Line of Christmas Stockings

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? Before we know it, we'll be basting the turkey, watching the Queen's Speech and eating our weight in chocolate coins.

But before all of that, we've all got to tackle our Christmas shopping - and whilst nothing else makes you feel quite so festive, it can be difficult to know what to put in everyone's stockings.

To give you a helping hand, here's our guide to the best stocking ideas for kids of all ages.



Christmas Stocking Ideas - Bath Time Tug Boat

Bath Time Tug Boat

These Bath Time Tug Boats are suitable from birth and will make a great addition to any toddler's bath - making getting clean lots of fun! They come in assorted colours, with the option to remove pink for boys.

Christmas Stocking Ideas -Animal Little Board Book

Animal Little Board Book

This Animal Little Board Book is the perfect festive treat for a very young child. With eight sturdy pages featuring colourful illustrations and simple text, your little one will have lots to entertain them on Christmas Day.

Christmas stocking ideas - Little Ones Christmas Stocking

Little Ones Christmas Stocking

Very little boys will love this ready-made stocking - and it will make your life easier too! With three adorable animal friends and two lovely books, it will keep them entertained long after Christmas Day.

4-10 years old

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Magic Wall Walker Man

Magic Wall-Walker Man

Do you remember these? Wall walkers' popularity has been undiminished by the years, and little boys love them just as much today! This clever toy will tumble down any wall, clinging on with his sticky hands and feet.

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Tank Keyring

Tank Keyring

These tank keyrings are guaranteed to be popular with little boys. They can hang them from pencil cases, zips, bags and anything else they fancy!

Tweens and teenagers

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Alien Monster Minature Playing Cards

Alien Monster Miniature Playing Cards

Most teenagers spend hours playing cards - and this monster themed pack adds a fun twist to the traditional deck. A great stocking filler, they're guaranteed to love.

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Boys Metal Necklace With Charm

Boys Metal Necklace with Charm

This stylish necklace will make a great addition to a teen's stocking, and will be worn with pride when they head back to school. Made from sturdy metal and with a secure clasp, it should also be teenage boy proof!

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Magicians Christmas Stocking

Magicians Christmas Stocking

What boy doesn't love the idea of being a magician? This ready-made magician's stocking is filled with gifts they'll love, including two magic sets, a Chinese finger trap and a magic magnetic picture.



Christmas Stocking Ideas - Waybuloo Board Book

Waybuloo Board Book

The littlest girls will love these adorable Waybuloo board books. Each title features colourful illustrations and features one of the Waybuloo characters.

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Rubber Daisy Duck

Rubber Daisy Duck

These Rubber Daisy Ducks will make bath time lots of fun. They come in assorted colours and are suitable from 12 months.

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Toddler Christmas Stocking

Toddlers Christmas Stocking

If you're looking for a ready-made stocking for a little girl, this is the perfect choice. It contains a selection of lovely mini board books, a lion wash mitt hand puppet, a buggy book and more.

4-10 years old

Christmas Stocking Ideas- Mini Heart Erasers

12 Mini Heart Erasers

These mini heart erasers will make a great addition to a little girl's stocking this Christmas. In a selection of vibrant prints, they're guaranteed to be a popular gift.

Christmas Stocking Ideas -Smiley Daisy Ring

Smiley Daisy Ring

Little girls will love these chunky and cheerful rings - and they can wear them long after Christmas has passed. They come in a variety of assorted colours, selected at random.

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Pretty Girls Christmas Stocking

Pretty Girls Christmas Stocking

With a lovely wooden butterfly bead book, colouring book and pencils and a strawberry purse, this ready-made stocking will keep little girls entertained on the big day.

Tweens and teenagers

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Pink Heart Toe Seperator

Pink Heart Toe Separator

Perfect for some Christmas day pampering, this pink toe separator is sure to popular with teenage girls. It's made from soft foam for extra comfort.

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Peace and Love Charm Gum Bangles

Peace and Love Charm Gum Bangles

These pretty bracelets are perfect for style-conscious teens. With peace and heart charms, they're a beautiful gift at a budget price.

Christmas Stocking Ideas - Earring Snowflake Organza Christmas Party Bag

Earring Snowflake Organza Christmas Party Bag

This lovely Christmas party bag takes the hassle out of shopping for your teen's stocking. It's filled with goodies they'll love, including two sets of earrings.

These stocking fillers are guaranteed to be popular with kids of all ages. And a spot of Christmas shopping is sure to put you in the festive spirit!

For more Christmas stocking fillers and filled stockings and party bags, head to our Christmas page. You can also find more festive ideas in our Christmas themed party magazine, including printable decorations and more.

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