Enjoy The Outdoors This Spring!

Enjoy the outdoors this spring with our outdoor party bags!

Spring is here so it's time to get outside with the family and enjoy some fantastic outdoors fun. We have a fantastic selection of outdoor party bags for the little ones at the end of the party, but what about games during the party? Here are some great ideas for outdoor games that you can play with your family and/or friends!

Get A Flying Disk!

Many people know flying disks by the popular trademarked toy from the Wham-O toy company, the Frisbee. You might think that flying disks are just fun for the children, but you'd be surprised at just how much fun adults can have with this toy too! You can play lots of different games with a flying disk, such as piggy in the middle or as it's known by those across the pond in the United States of America, 'Keep Away'

You could also organise a game of ultimate (also known as Ultimate Frisbee). The rules of this game are fairly simple to understand. If you're holding the disc you cannot move, you can only move the disc by passing it to others. If the pass is missed, dropped, knocked or intercepted then the disc is turned over to the other team. A point is scored when a player catches the disc in the other team's end zone.

As ultimate is a non-contact sport, this game would be a great alternative to other games such as football or touch rugby, especially if you have a large gathering of family and/or friends.

A Game Of Rounders!

It's a classic game played since the Tudor times! Many people have played a game of rounders as a child but if you need a refresher here are the rules!

The bowler bowls the ball underarm to the batter. The batter then hits the ball and runs past four posts, after reaching the fourth post the batter scores one rounder. Under English rules if the batter reaches the fourth post after stopping at a post, (for example, stopping at post one then running all the way to post four on the next bat) the player will score a half-rounder.

Just like ultimate; rounders is a non-contact sport, this makes it a great choice of game for families to play!

Get A Pinata!

Pinata is fantastic party activity for people of various ages. Depending on the ages of the children at the party, you can use different bats to break the piñata, perhaps a plastic bat, maybe a rounders bat or if you're feeling creative, you could create your own bat using this guide from Pinataboy.com.

Pinata is a fun for the adults too, not just children. Especially if the piñata proves too strong for the children to break. The grownups can come to the rescue and defeat the piñata releasing the candy for the younger guests of the party to enjoy!

Truth And Lies!

A simple yet great game to play with family and/or friends. With this game you tell two truths and one lie, the group then has to guess which one is the lie. Will your acting skills carry you to victory? Or will the party's combined knowledge about you be able discover which of the three statements is a lie!


A favourite for many, charades is an excellent game for families; however it can be difficult for some because of generational gaps. For example, some adults may have difficulty guessing a children's television character and some children may have difficulty guessing a character from a popular television soap.

An interesting way to combat this difficulty would be to ask people to write a film, character, book or television show onto a piece of paper, fold it up and put it into a bowl. Then the person who is called up for their turn to 'act' chooses a piece of paper and acts out what is on the piece of paper.

A Water Fight!

This is a favourite for many families, especially on a very warm day. Using toys such as water guns and water bombs you can have a fantastic time with family and/or friends during the warmer days of the spring months. Water fights are great because people of all ages can get involved shooting water at their friends and/or relatives. There might not be any winners in this game, but a game doesn't need a winner and a loser to be fun!

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