9 Tips To Minimise Stress When Planning Your Child's Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your child can be a difficult task. There's a lot to do, with food & drink, entertainment, party bags and lots more to organise, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and get stressed out.

However, planning a party for your child doesn't have to be a stressful and time consuming task. All About Party Bags is here to help; here are a few tips to help you minimise stress whilst you plan a birthday party for your child.


  • Make A List Making a list can be very helpful, it gives you a list physical list to focus on when you're organising the party. This means you can plan your shopping trips in advance, reducing the chance of needing a last moment stress filled shopping trip. It also helps you stay focused on what you need to do for the party, and helps you to stick to a budget.Without a list, it could be very easy to get overwhelmed with regards to what you need for the party and if you're going to be able to get everything you want whilst sticking to your budget.To give you a helping hand, we'll kick start your list with 5 suggestions! Party bags, party decorations, a Piñata, cupcakes, balloons. pencilandpaper
  • Remember To Relax Planning a party can be stressful, sometimes it can feel like you have a million and one things to do. When the stress strikes, it's important to take a time out and relax. Remember to take some time for yourself and do something that you enjoy. This could be reading a few chapters of a book or enjoying a nice walk. Take some time away from party planning to recharge, then you can go back to party planning at full strength and organise a fantastic birthday party for your child.


  • Have A Smaller Guest List A smaller party where only your child's closest friends are invited could result in far less pressure. Instead of organising a party for 20 children and spending hours searching social media to get in touch with parents who haven't responded to the invitations, have a party with a smaller guest list. This way your child can have a great birthday party with their closest friends and you can reduce the amount of stress organising the party.


  • Don't Try To 'Outdo The Other Parents' People can get very competitive and it can be easy to get into a competitive mindset. However, remember that the party is for your child, it is not a competition. 'Outdoing' Dave's parents is not your primary goal, planning an awesome party for your child is. So talk to your child about what they want, and judge the party's success on the happiness of your child, not the envy of other parents.


  • Plan A Menu The menu is very important. Remember that some children attending may have food allergies so it is crucial that you take this into account. Get into contact with all the parents beforehand and ask them about any food allergies or sensitivities that their children may have. This way if for example any guests are allergic to peanuts, you can make sure that all the food served is peanut-free.


  • Decide On A Theme For The Party Themed parties are lots of fun; they're also great for reducing stress. Instead of thinking 'what about X, Y or Z, you use the theme as a guide. For example if it's a western theme, how about a fancy dress party where everyone dresses up as Cowboys and Cowgirls. You could play games such as pin the tail on the donkey and if it's in the summertime, you could get western style water pistols and have a fun water fight.


  • Keep The Party Decorations To A Minimum If you have chosen a Sci-Fi theme, you don't have to decorate the entire house to look like a space ship! For most parties, a few decorations and balloons is all it takes to turn your home into a great party venue. partyballoons
  • Delegate Responsibilities If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's okay to ask for help. Ask your partner for help or perhaps your parents could babysit and give you some free time to organise party planning and buy/make everything you need.


  • Get Some Readymade Party Bags Organising party bags can be really stressful. Trying to find the right little goodies at the right price and find nice bags to put them in can be really exhausting and time consuming. Especially after you've spent the past few weeks organising the party!So relax, visit our fantastic online store and order some readymade party bags. They're available in numerous different themes to suit numerous ages and genders. In fact, we have double the amount of products than our competitors! myfriendspartybag

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