How To Throw A Great Party; A 10 Step Guide

Planning your child's birthday party can be an exciting and fun occasion; however, for some it can be difficult and stressful. With lots of things to consider such as entertainment, party games, party bags and party food, the to-do-list can quickly feel like a mountain to climb.

We understand that party planning can sometimes be challenging, that's why we have created this simple 10 step guide to help you plan a fantastic birthday party for your child.

  • Decide On A Budget Like with many things in life, it is very important that you decide on the budget early on in the planning process. This helps you to keep track of the cost of the party.

  • Set A Date And Time Setting a date might sound strange, after all it's a birthday party. However, sometimes it might be better to have the party on a day other than your child's birthday. For example if your child's birthday is on a Wednesday, it might be better to enjoy the party on a Saturday.


  • Choose The Party Theme Themed parties are great and there are lots to choose from. If you're struggling to decide on a party theme, visit our blog; we have lots of great party ideas for various different themes such as "How About A Science Party?" or "8 Great Party Ideas For Children".


  • Decide The Guest List And Send Out Invitations The guest list is one of the most important things about a party. You guest list will depend on various things, firstly your budget and secondly the size of your venue.Don't feel obligated to invite the entirety of your child's class to the birthday party, if a large party is out of your budget or you only have a small venue available, a small party with a smaller guest list can be just as fun and allows for the children to be more involved with party games.Whilst sending out invitations, remember to ask parents about any dietary needs, allergies or intolerances that their children may have, that way you can make preparations to cater to their needs.

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  • Make A List Start making the list of things that you need at your party. This can be things such as food items, decorations and party games that you'll play at the party.Now is also the time to decide about the birthday cake. Will you be serving a large cake and give the guests a slice each? Or will you instead be serving cupcakes with the guests taking a cupcake home with them?Keep the party theme in mind as you plan your food and party games. If you're struggling to think of what games you could play at the party, check out our blog post titled, 8 Great Party Games Ideas For Your Child's Birthday Party.

  • Start Working On DecorationsWhether you're making your own party decorations or if you're purchasing them readymade, now is the time to start making your preparations for the party decorations. If you're searching for some party balloons we have a great selection to choose from in our Balloons, Blowers & Accessories

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  • Create The Music Playlist Every great party needs a great playlist. You could pick some music that matches the theme of the party, you could pick some of your child's favourite songs, or you could opt for a mixture of the two.

  • Be Organised Whilst you're making your preparations, make sure you keep things organised. It's no good if you find some great party balloons for the party if you forget where you put them. Make sure you have a good storage solution that is well organised so that you can quickly decorate the venue and bring your other party supplies.Also, if you're hosting the party at a venue other than your own home, make sure you have a well organised method of transporting the party supplies to the venue in a quick and orderly fashion in other to save as much time as possible.

  • Readymade Party Bags, Or Build Your Own? Every great party needs great party bags, so the question is, do you purchase readymade party bags or do you purchase party bag fillers and make your own?We have a wide selection of both readymade party bags and fantastic party bag fillers, so which ever you decide; you can find lots of great party bag products on our online store.Our selection of party bag products are available in a wide variety of different themes such as science, dinosaur, magic and sports themes

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  • Have Fun! Most importantly, remember to have fun! Planning a party is a fun and enjoyable experience, so make the most of it and enjoy yourself!


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If you need any ideas for a party theme, for party games or for party bags, visit our blog. There you will be able to find lots of great ideas to help you plan a fantastic birthday party for your child.

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