8 Super Cool Tips For A Superhero Themed Birthday Party

Readymade Party Bag Ideas For A Superhero Themed Birthday Party

If you're planning a superhero themed birthday party for your child, don't forget about party bags. We have a fantastic selection of readymade party bags to choose from so you can save time and focus on other parts of party planning.

Here are a few ideas for a superhero themed party!

  • The Invitations. Every great party starts off with invitations. Superhero party invites can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be. If you'd like to keep things simple, you could print out some comic book style text on a piece of card, think of the standout text saying classic catchphrases like "Boing!", "Thud!", "Smash!" or "POW!".


  • Superhero Games. You can take regular party games and add a superhero twist to them, for example if your child likes Spiderman, you could create a Spiderman version of water pistol target games. Set up some plastic cups or lightweight bowling pins, then the children can use silly string (under adult supervision) and shoot at the targets.You could also turn the game tag into a superhero themed game, 'catch the villain'. A person who is 'it' is given a superhero mask, cape or accessory and everyone else is a super villain, the hero must tag the villains in order to catch them.


  • Visit Comic Book Wiki Pages For Inspiration. If your child loves superheroes and comics but you're not very knowledgeable you're in luck. With a simple internet search, you'll be able to find Wiki pages for popular comic book universes such as Marvel and DC, or wiki pages about famous comic book characters such as Spiderman or Batman.


  • Use Simple Homemade Decorations. Homemade birthday party decorations are fantastic ways to add an extra special touch to your child's birthday. However some themes can be tricky and difficult to create good quality decorations, thankfully there are many fantastic decorations that you can create for a superhero themed party that are easy to make.For example, you could use some coloured chalk to create a fun superhero theme photo backdrop for children to pose for photos. This idea is extra great if the party guests are in superhero fancy dress.Another great idea; DIY party banners. Get some cheap comic books from one of your child's favourite superheroes and cut out triangles. Then tape the triangles to some ribbon and you have some wonderful comic book themed party banners. You could also use a marker pen and coloured card to create fantastic "POW!" and "WHAM!" signs to decorate the party. However, if you're short on time and need some simple superhero decorations, how about some superhero balloons? You can find a wonderful super hero balloon on our online store, so buy a few, get some sticky tape and you'll have some great party decorations for your child's birthday party.


  • Make Some Tasty Superhero Themed Treats. You might think that making superhero themed party food might be difficult, however there are lots of simple ways that you can bring a fun superhero theme to your food.For example, Munchkinsandmilitary have a wonderful guide showing you how to make a bento lunchbox with a superhero theme. It's even filled with some healthy treats such as strawberries, blueberries, banana and broccoli.

  • The Cake. There are many options to consider for the cake. Do you purchase a superhero themed birthday cake, or do you make your own. Do you opt for cupcakes for all the guests or do you choose a larger cake for everyone to share. Regardless which you choose, when it's time for cake, you'll need a party table setting with fun party plates. At All About Party Bags, we have a great selection of table settings to choose from such as the Birthday Balloons Table Setting.


  • A Piñata. Piñatas are great fun for lots of parties, regardless of the theme. You could make a small "POW" sticker using marker pens, coloured card and sticky tape; stick it to the piñata and let the young guests take it in turns to break the piñata and release the treats.You can browse through our selection of party games and piñatas by clicking on the Games & Accessories tab at the top of the page.


  • Don't Forget Party Bags . A birthday party wouldn't be complete without party bags. At All About Party Bags, we have a great selection of readymade party bags and party bag fillers to choose from. Our filled party bags are available in numerous different themes including superheroes.For example you can choose from readymade party bags such as the Filled Super Hero Loot Bag or The Big Super Hero Party Bag. However, if filled party bags aren't for you and you'd prefer to create your own superhero themed party bags, you can choose from party bags fillers such as Super Hero Tattoos, Super Hero Note Books, Super Hero Gliders and much more. You can even purchase a themed loot bag from All About Party Bags to put all of the party goodies in, such as the Super Hero Loot Bag.


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