How About A Treasure Hunt Party?

How About A Treasure Hunt Party?

Tired of the same old party themes year after year? Why not do something different this year for your child’s birthday and organise a treasure hunt birthday party with fun puzzles, party games, and of course party bags.

Treasure Hunt Birthday Parties – 3 Suggestions For A Helping Hand

  • Pick A Theme
    There are lots of different themes to choose when organising a treasure hunt themed birthday party. For example, if you would like to incorporate the outdoors into your treasure hunt, why not base it off the current season, such as Autumn?

    However, some other examples of possible themes are pirate treasure hunters where party guests follow clues written on a pirate treasure map, or perhaps you could opt for a more archaeological theme in the style of Indiana Jones, a favourite movie character for many children, teens, and adults.

    You could also turn the treasure hunt into a story with the children working together in teams in order to piece together the clues and learn the story. This can be a fantastic idea for older children as the story can be modified in order to match their interests. For example, a group of children who enjoy science fiction and reading about aliens could go on a treasure hunt to discover a crashed alien ship and look for signs of alien life. Some great pieces of ‘treasure’ for this sort of activity could be the Alien Parachute, Alien Catapult, or Giant Alien Egg with Baby party bag fillers from our online party supplies store.

  • Choose Some Fun Activities. In addition to the treasure hunt itself; you’ll need to plan some fun activities to keep the party guests entertained. For example, you could use some party bag fillers, place them inside a bucket of sand and let guests take it in turns to discover treasure hidden in the bucket.Another fun idea for a birthday party are puzzle based games. You could choose some fun puzzles such as this list from Just Measuring Up which includes suggestions such as giant jigsaws.
  • Decide On The Prizes
    A treasure hunt party needs some great prizes, fortunately the All About Party Bags online store has a fantastic selection of party bag fillers that are fantastic for use in treasure hunts and prizes at the end of party games. We have lots of different themes to choose from, so if you’re opting for a pirate themed treasure hunt, this packet of pirate coins would be a fantastic prizes for the party guests to collect as they complete the challenges.

    Don’t Forget About Party Bags

    Prizes and activities for the party are very important, so if you find yourself running low on time and you’re unsure if you’ll be able to make your own party bags for your child’s birthday party, don’t panic. Our online store has a great selection of readymade party bags to choose from, giving you time to relax before the big day.

    Our online store has a vast selection of pre-filled party bags to choose from, including science fiction, fairy tales, animals, and more. Additionally, we have party supplies for children of all genders and children aged from toddlers to teenagers. So if you need a helping hand organising your child’s birthday party, browse through our selection of party bags, decorations, and games on our online store today.

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    We have lots of tips and advice to choose from including a list of suggestions for party planning on a budget, suggestions for gender neutral party bags, and a list of tips for parties in numerous different themes, including under the water and glow in the dark themes.

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