5 Ideas For Party Games In Winter

Deciding what party games to play at winter parties can be difficult. During summer, spring and autumn there are lots of fun outdoor games that you can play, but during winter the cold weather can make party games difficult, as often you can be restricted to indoor games. However, just because it is winter doesn't mean you can have a great party with fun games, tasty food and awesome christmas party bag fillers.

If you're planning a winter party and need some party game inspiration, don't worry; here are 5 ideas to give you a helping hand.

  1. Pass The Parcel Some might argue that a children's party isn't really a party without a fantastic game of pass the parcel.However, some adults might not have enough spare time to search for little gifts to include in the parcel and build the parcel itself. If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry; you can purchase a readymade pass the parcel from All About Party Bags.We have a wide variety of readymade parcels to choose from which are available in numerous different themes including unisex sticker pass the parcel, butterfly princess pass the parcel and animals pass the parcel. wooden toys pass the parcel
  2. Indoor Bowling Indoor bowling games are easy to create, simply use some tape or some fabric to create the lane, use empty drinks bottles and some card to create bowling pins and roll small balls towards the pins.This game of bowling can be easily customised to match a variety of themes. For example, if you are enjoying a Christmas party, you could use some Christmas themed stickers, stick them to the card and then use some adhesive tape to attach the card to the empty bottle. bowling pins
  3. Build A Snowperson If you're lucky enough to enjoy some snow for a Christmas party you could enjoy a fun group activity where you all build a snowperson together. This activity is great not only for having a fun time, but it also teaches the children at the party the importance of teamwork.However, if the party is large, you could split the children up into teams and see who can build a snowperson in the quickest amount of time. This still teaches them the importance of teamwork, but also gives the opportunity for some friendly competition.Also, it is very important that everyone involved (including grownups) wears sensible clothing for the temperature; so make sure that everyone wears gloves and warm winter clothing. snowman
  4. Play Some Fun Snowball Games Again, if you have been lucky enough to have snow for the party you could play some fun outdoor snowball games. However, just like the above point, make sure that you wrap up warm; remembering to wear gloves! There are lots of fun snowball games that you can play, you could play snowball dodge-ball, you could play snowball tag, snowball 'hot potato', snowball toss (like beanbag toss or water balloon toss but with a snowball) or many other fun games with a snowball theme. children having a snowball fight
  5. Don't Forget About Game Prizes! If you're playing a lot of fun games during the party, you're going to need some awesome prizes to give to the winners of the games.Choosing prizes can be difficult; however there is a fantastic selection of awesome treats that you can browse in our collection of party bag fillers. With lots of wonderful treats in a variety of different themes including but not limited to Christmas themed party bag fillers, animals, jokes, jigsaw puzzles and even cuddly toys; you'll be spoiled for choice. christmas gliders

Don't Forget About Party Bags!

If you're planning a party during the winter, you'll need some amazing party bags for the children attending the party, after all what children's party is complete without some awesome party bags?

If you would like to create your own party bags, you can browse through a wonderful selection of empty bags and party bag fillers so you can create some fabulous party bags for the children to enjoy. However, if you're concerned about having enough time to organise the rest of the party, you can save time by purchasing some readymade party bags from our online store.

Just like our collection of party bag fillers, you can browse a selection of readymade party bags in a wide variety of awesome themes and styles. For example, if you're planning a Christmas party, instead of giving children a standard party bag similar to those which are given at the end of birthday and Halloween parties, you could give the children a party bag with a Christmas twist by instead choosing Christmas party bags from our selection of Filled Christmas Stockings.

Need Some Party Advice?

If you're in need of some advice for your winter party, you can browse our blog for lots of party advice and inspiration. For example, you can find tips for Christmas themed parties, party bag ideas for older children and tips that could help you minimise stress whilst party planning.

So if you're planning a party for your child and need some advice or inspiration, visit the All About Party Bags blog today.

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