How About A Science Party?

If your son and/or daughter is interested in science, throwing a birthday party doesn't have to be difficult. If you need a helping hand, here are 6 science party ideas and some suggestions for party bags and party bag fillers.

6 Science Party Ideas For Your Child/Children To Enjoy

If you need some party inspiration, don't worry; All About Party Bags is here to help with a list of 6 party ideas for a science themed birthday party, and if you need any party bag fillers, browse through the fantastic selection on our online store.

  • Science Fiction Science fiction is a genre loved by people of various ages; children, teenagers, and adults adore Sci-Fi. For some, the genre is about wonder and imagination, for others it is a fantastic form of creative escapism, providing them with a creative refuge from their day-to-day lives.If your child is a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek or other science fiction adventures, you could throw them a science fiction themed birthday party. There are numerous ways you can transform a birthday party into a science fiction party. You could make lightsabers out of pool noodles, or you could order a pinata from our party games & pinatas section and perhaps use toy lightsabers instead of a bat to break open the pinata at the party. We also have a great selection of science fiction themed party bags and party bag fillers to browse, fantastic for a science fiction themed party. 

  • Archaeology There are numerous different fields of study that your child could take an interest in; perhaps they would be interested in an Archaeology themed party?You could choose some great fancy dress costumes, play some fantastic music and decorate different rooms of the house based on different ancient cultures. You could even bake some tasty treats, for example you could make some dinosaur fossil themed cookies, similar to these cookies from Mr Food. If your son and/or daughter loves dinosaurs, we have a fantastic selection of dinosaur themed filled party bags to choose from.This could also be a fantastic learning experience for the children at the party. With different rooms decorated in party decorations inspired by different cultures, you could play games and teach the children about different cultures from history. For example, one room could be decorated in an ancient Egyptian theme. This could provide you with a fantastic way to educate them about an interesting culture from the past. 

  • Astronomy And The Stars If your child is fascinated with the night sky, if they love learning about planets, stars and the universe; perhaps a space themed birthday party will be a great idea?There are numerous fantastic filled party bags and party bag fillers, such as our Planes & Spaceship Party Bag.Like with many science party ideas, this is a fantastic opportunity to educate the children attending your party about the world we live in. You could have fun space themed games and activities such as, colouring in constellations and creating bottle rockets that could also prove to be a valuable learning experience. 

  • Laboratory Party Does your child loves playing with children's chemistry sets, making slime and doing all sorts of fun experiments? You could throw a laboratory themed birthday party.The party could include lots of fun experiments/demonstrations that could you perform to help educate the party guests and have fun at the same time. There are lots of fun experiments to choose from, for example, this exploding lunch bag experiment from com, or you could choose to keep it simple and create a 'soda explosion' with some cola and some mints.

  • Sea life The waters of our planet are home to many magnificent creatures. New species are still being discovered so it's no wonder that many children love learning about the underwater world of our planet.With fantastic movies such as Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Sharktale, The Little Mermaid and many other great family friendly movies, the cinematic world has no shortage of underwater themed movies to enjoy.Just like other science party ideas, you can use this opportunity to educate your child/children and the party guests about various different types of sea life. For example, if your child is a fan of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, you could educate them on different types of fish that live in coral reefs. You could also include information about various other animals such as whales, rays, dolphins, and sharks. Did you know that there are over 400 different species of shark and that the legacy of this animal can be traced back for at least 420 million years? (source

  • Moon Landing The moon landing was a very important historic event; not just for the people of the United States of America, but for the whole world. As such, if your child loves science, the moon landing is a fantastic party theme for a birthday party.Guests can enjoy dressing up as astronauts; you can fill the house with space themed party decorations, order a space themed bouncy castle and other fantastic space themed party supplies. Also, like other science themed birthday parties, it's a fantastic opportunity to educate your child/children and the party guests.If you're interested in a moon landing themed party, but you're unsure what party bags you should choose, browse through our fantastic selection of party bag fillers and create your own wonderful party bags using our fantastic search feature.

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