Inviting Children To Your Wedding, Some Wedding Busy Bag Ideas To Help!

The topic of children at weddings is a heavily debated topic. Some people would prefer an adult only wedding, but others may argue that as a wedding is a family occasion; all members of family both young and old should be welcome. If you are inviting children to your wedding, consider purchasing some wedding busy bags to keep children occupied and entertained during the wedding reception.

4 Ways To Keep the Children Occupied At Your Wedding Reception 

If you want to invite children to your wedding, but you’re concerned about children being entertained at the wedding reception, here is a list of 4 suggestions to give you a helping hand.

  • Provide Activities For Children. If you’re inviting children to your wedding reception, you need to make sure that there are activities there that the children can enjoy. This could be as simple as including a few songs for children to dance to on your music list or adding some child-friendly options to your wedding menu. However, you could also provide some simple activities for children such as an activity book or a colouring book. You could browse through products on the All About Party Bags website such as a Colouring Book and a Drawstring Bag of Half-Sized Colouring Pencils, placing an activity at the seat where the child guests will be sitting for the wedding reception; providing them with a fun activity whilst the adult guests and mingling and enjoying the celebrations. However, if you’re inviting a large number of children to your wedding, you could consider hiring a children’s entertainer to keep the children entertained whilst the adults are enjoying the wedding celebrations. Perhaps you could organise a party for children in a separate room and provide them with filled party bags at the end of the party. 

  • Organise Activities For Children & Adults. If you’re unsure about providing children’s activities at your wedding reception, consider adding some activities that can be enjoyed by people of a variety of different ages. For example, you could create a quiz where people on different tables have to work as a team and have to answer questions on a variety of different topics which relate to the hobbies and interests of the bride and groom.

  • Ask Parents To Provide Entertainment For Their Child. If you do not want to provide activities for children and families at your wedding, perhaps you could ask parents to provide entertainment for their children. For example, they could bring handheld games consoles, activity books, or something else that their child/children enjoy(s).

  • Choose Some Fantastic Wedding Busy Bags. Also known as children’s party favours; wedding busy bags are a fantastic choice for couples who want to invite children to their wedding. You could browse through lots of different party bag style products for weddings on the All About Party Bags online store such as a Really Busy Wedding Busy Bag, a Girls Puzzle Book Wedding Busy Bag, or a Boys Puzzle Wedding Busy Bag. So if you’re interested in purchasing some fantastic wedding busy bags for your wedding reception, visit our online store and browse through the many products that are available from All About Party Bags.

Should You Invite Children To Your Wedding?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. For some, they choose to not invite children purely as a way to reduce guest numbers, however for others the wedding reception may be held at a venue that does not permit guests below a certain age.

However, if your venue does allow children, but you’re concerned about children running around and disturbing others, or accidentally spilling a drink on somebody, perhaps you would be interested in wedding busy bags so that children can be kept entertained throughout the wedding reception.

What Is Included In Wedding Busy Bags From All About Party Bags?

We have a fantastic selection of different busy bags on our online store including a wide variety of different themes such as princesses, sea life, dinosaurs, aliens, butterflies, and more!

However, if you do not see a themed wedding bag for children that you like on our online store, do not worry. You could create your own wedding busy bags using fantastic party bag fillers and empty party bags on our online store.

Also, you can browse through numerous different coloured organza bags, so you can match the children’s busy bag to the colour scheme of your wedding! You can choose from colours such as lilac, ivory, burgundy, and more!

Need Some Inspiration Or Advice With Regards To Parties? All About Party Bags Can Help!

If you’re searching for inspiration or advice with regards to organising a party, do not worry you can find lots of helpful tips and inspiration on the All About Party Bags blog or Pinterest.

For example, if you visit our Pinterest, you can find inspiration for your party/event by browsing through boards such as wedding ideas, kids at weddings, baby showers, garden party, and more!

If you would like more information regarding children and weddings, perhaps you would like to read our blog titled, “Tips To Keep Children Occupied During Weddings!” However, if you’re searching for tips with regards to children’s party themes, perhaps you could find some suggestions on the All About Party Bags blog. For example, you could browse a list of five suggestions for party themes or a list of ideas for a girl’s birthday party.

Alternatively, if you would like advice with regards to organising a birthday party for your child, perhaps you would like to read our blog titled “How To Throw A Great Party; A 10 Step Guide”.

Any Questions? Need More Information? Get In Touch With The All About Party Bags Team!

If you have any questions regarding wedding busy bags, or any of the party products that are available on our online store such as readymade party bags or party bag fillers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and dedicated team.

If you would like to contact us by telephone, please call us on 01604 595537, our lines are open 9am-8pm GMT. However, if you would like to get in touch with us using the internet, you could send our team an email at, find us on Facebook at All About Party Bags or follow us on Twitter @aboutpartybags.

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